The Leon Automotive Plant is a factory in Soul Hackers.



The Auto Plant is located in the Yurashima district of Amami City.


After the protagonist and Nemissa head back from checking on Tomoko at her home after rescuing her from the VR Art Museum, they find themselves accosted by a strange cyborg in a trench coat. The being is identified as Moowis in a new machine body, who is tracking down Nemissa. After fending him off, they recover a piece of metal that is identified by Six as originating from the Leon Automotive Plant. The Spookies head to the Yurashima district to investigate the plant. Inside, they first locate the power generator to restore electricity and activate the elevators. Once power is restored, they meet Rei Reiho who explains she turned off the power to prevent demons from manifesting, but decides not to press the issue when Nemissa explains they are tracking down Moowis.

As they advance to the upper levels, they discover Moowis has been trying to cut off pursuit by placing obstacles and disabling the elevators. They finally corner the cyborg at a control room with a newer robotic form, who states that Nemissa is a threat to "us," and begins to wonder if she lost her memory when she expresses confusion over his words. Upon defeating him again, his spirit flees into VR Tours through the nearby compouters, with Nemissa following in pursuit. Inside, they encounter his original form, where he claims that Nemissa represents death and concludes she has amnesia. Before he can answer any other questions, his spirit exhausted the last of its energy and dies.

Returning to the factory, Nemissa expresses frustration at not getting answers at her past, while Spooky is relieved they at least won't be stalked by the demon anymore. Before leaving, they encounter Rei again, who mentions she watched the encounter with Moowis and explains what she knows about the Phantom Society and comments how the protagonist reminds her of another young man who became a summoner a few years ago. She refers them to Madame Ginko for additional aid in their struggle against Phantom.


  • En Incense (1F)
  • Balm of Life (1F)
  • Dis-Poison (1F)
  • Lu Incense (1F)
  • 2000 MAG (1F)
  • Chakra Pot (2F)
  • Full-Face Helmet (2F)
  • Balm of Life (2F)
  • Soma (2F, guarded by Yaka)
  • Teometle (3F)
  • Balm of Life (3F)
  • King Panel (3F)
  • Magical Mirror (3F)
  • Diamond (3F)
  • In Incense (3F)


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