Lena is a character in the Devil Children series of games.



DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Lena is a classmate of Jin and Akira at Rem Elementary School. She is a normal human girl who does not have the ability to summon demons. Like Jin and Akira, she shares a fascination with demons and the unknown.

While reading in the school library, Lena came upon a book that is said to summon demons, this discovery interests the trio and garners the attention of a new student, Amy Kashihara. It is this book that reveals Jin and Akira's powers as Devil Children. Though unable to control demons, Lena joins the Rebels and travels with Shin on a mission. She is eventually captured and executed by the Imperium only to be resurrected by Darklord and Lord Light at the end of the game.

Lena can be fought as a C-Rank BattleNet opponent. Defeating her 7 times earns a Nikare and defeating her 28 more times earns a Undine.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Lena is turned into an Angel Child and manipulated by the fake Enoch during the game. Eventually leading her to the world of ice, Niflheim. Jin attempts to track her down during the game which leads her to attacking him with some of her Angel allies such as Remiel.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Lena is the companion of Jin on his route of Messiah Riser. As they travel through Valhalla she is captured by the enemy, with Jin rescuing her on the next stage from her captors.

Devil Children: Light & DarkEdit

Just like in Fire/Ice Book she is brainwashed and turned into an angel child near the end of the anime. Unlike the game, however, she was brainwashed by the real Enoch, who has his own secret agenda. Though he was seemingly defeated, the final moments of the anime reveal she is still under his control and that Enoch faked his defeat.


Lena in Messiah Riser
Lena in Devil Children: Light & Dark
Lena under Enoch's control in Devil Children: Light & Dark in the final episode
Lena under Enoch's control in the game

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