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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special is an entry in the Last Bible series that was published by Sega and released on their Game Gear handheld console in 1995.


The King of Monsters, Gryas, has captured the holy city of Jerusalem. The hero, Mattel, has been given the ability to control demons by the pope of Constance. Now he must gather together a party to challenge four dungeons to save the world.

First comes Ignis Temple, a former temple whose treasure, the sword of flames, is now in the hands of monster called Vitriol.

Second is Athanor Tunnel, a former royal crypt haunted by a reaper named Nigredo who attacks anyone who dares to trespass on the burial site.

Third comes Hoenheim Lab haunted by the crazed ghost of the great sage Hoenheim. Hoenheim attempts to use his magic and demons to stop the party from progressing. Upon defeat, he reveals that he was beaten and robbed of the knowledge to create demons twice before. The second time was Gryas, but the first was by the former bronze guard commander of Constance who is now the pope: Paragon. Hoenheim passes on while claiming that the power to control demons is being abused for selfish ends by both sides.

Finally the party arrives at Jerusalem and battles to the top of the Dungeon to confront Gryas. However, rather than attack them, Gryas attempts to reason with Mattel. He claims to be a servant of the Goddess of this world, and that his actions are due to trying to stop the plans of Paragon. The goddess intended for this to be a world where humans and demons live together in peace, but Paragon intends to destroy all demons and make the world a realm for only humans. What happens next depends on the players choice.

If Mattel refuses to listen or agree with Gryas views, they fight and Gryas falls in battle. Dying, he proclaims to Mattel that he was misled by Paragon whose goal of human supremacy will now be realized. However he also claims that he will eventually be reborn and return the world to the state the Goddess wished for.

If Mattel is convinced by Gryas, he changes sides and returns to Constance whose temple has transformed into a small warp filled dungeon. At the center Mattel confronts Paragon, who denounces him as selling his soul to the devil and attacks him, but is defeated. Dying, Paragon reveals that his goal was to create a human world that he ruled alone, but now his work was for nothing.

Either way, the game ends with Mattel standing triumphant in the light.


  • While it is never stated what planet they are on, the use of Force, mention of the Goddess, and return of Gryas imply that this still may be the world of Terra closer to modern times.


Last Bible Special is the only entry in the Last Bible series to feature 3D dungeon exploration mechanics similar to Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey. Outside of spell and item names, as well as some party mechanics, it has very little in common with other titles in the series.

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