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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible New Testament III: Mugen no Eiyuu (女神転生外伝 新約ラストバイブルIII 夢幻の英雄?) is a Japan exclusive RPG developed by Atlus and Menue for mobile phones.

On October 24, 2022, it was announced that the game would be ported in Japan for the Nintendo Switch, as part of G-Mode Archives.[1] It was released on November 24th 2022.

Following the game's release on the Nintendo Switch, the Last Bible New Testament trilogy was listed on Steam a few days later on November 28th,[2] followed by their release on December 13th.[3]


  • Japan: September 17, 2010 (iAppli)
  • Japan: October 27, 2010 (EZAppli)
  • Japan: November 24, 2022 (Nintendo Switch)


Mugen no Eiyuu functions similarly to the previous two New Testament games, which improved negotiation and fusion mechanics. It is set on the planet Damir and focuses on the next previous incarnation of Rui.


The story starts with the next previous incarnation of Rui. (Name can be changed.) But now this time he's on the planet Damir, having been found and taken in to a village 17 years ago and grown close with a girl named Eliza. On his birthday, Eliza brings in the COMP which she found outside his house. He tries it on but it latches on so tight that he can't remove it. Eliza then runs into monsters while out and about and Rui saves her. But one particular demon, Jail, explains that the COMP can't be removed and will inevitably attract demons. So Eliza tells Rui she'll wait in the village for him while he leaves for their safety and seeks a way to remove the COMP.

As he goes he once again meets Eibon who had been called there by The Goddess but was attacked along the way, though he is also uncertain why this planet or what's going on and explains that this is technically his third introduction to Rui from his perspective. As Rui is exploring more he runs into Alicia, who is from a world where there are no monsters though she'd heard of the "observer" Eibon, and also Leonardo, the son of Leon and Luna from the second game who are now king and queen on Horus. They then learn about the demon king, deciding they need to get rid of him to get rid of the monsters while they search out answers.

To do this they need to final 3 magical items guarded by the dukes of hell. But after fighting the first they run into a hero with amnesia that looks similar to Rui and a blonde boy and blue haired girl (Just like the partners in every other game) named Reich, Alphonse, and Mana respectively.

For clues they head to an abandoned town, where criminals had been forced to stay. But all of them had died and reading the notes left behind you learn that there was a demon taking the form of humans, causing people to mistrust each other and eventually kill each other. There is also diary from a kid living there who's friend was taken away after being framed for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. finally there is also a book about the Hero Reich and his two companions, Alphonse and Mana, who find the 3 magical items to confront the demon king.

The king explains that the kingdom officially hides the existence of that village and what happened, fearing it would spread more mistrust. As they continue to look for the magical items, they occasionally run into Reich and his partners along the way in what seems to be a friendly rivalry. However Eliza is kidnapped by Jail while they are searching.

They obtain the 3 magical items, but before the final confrontation with the demon king, Reich disappears. Then on the way they run into Jail again who destroys Eliza's corpse in front of Rui to enrage him. But the goddess stops them from killing Jail, believing it to be a trap.

Rui and the others go on to fight Satan the demon king and defeat him just like they were told. But as he dies, he refers to all of this "only being an illusion in his eyes."

After going to celebrate at the nearby castle, there's a scene where Alicia talks about how her mother essentially militarily trained her to survive anywhere and that she's ineligible to marry, because part of her family's rules is that anyone she wants to marry has to be stronger than her mother and best her father in chess, believing this can't be done.

Reich suddenly shows up during the celebration, proclaiming that he remembered everything. His real name is Zell. He then stabs both Mana and Alphonse, proclaiming he has no friends, and explains that his real goal is to destroy this world. There is a demon at the center of the planet (implied to be Mystra from the second game) that is taking energy from the suffering of the people the demons attack, and Zell planned on either the demons killing everyone, or gathering enough to destroy the planet from within. He leaves and then Alphonse reveals himself to actually be Jail, having been going along with this ruse.

In order to go to the center of the world, the goddess along with the others sends the Ark to Damir and then they go to find material to build a drill to attach to the ark. (There is a scene where Eibon tells them to "Just use Combine on it" Combine being the spell used to fuse demons.) But while they search for the material they learn the truth about Zell.

Zell was the child that grew up in the abandoned criminal town, having only had one friend that was then imprisoned in a cave after being framed for murder. Zell then was approached by Michael as the representative of "the Ubiquitous one" (presumed to be Nakajima) and offers Zell power. Zell agrees and uses this power to resurrect his friend as "Jail" (referring to his life sentence), and then Michael seals everyone's memory and let's him live out a fantasy as the hero Reich, from his book while they await the destruction of the world.

Eibon then finally explains that Rui is a qualified person and that Alicia came from Legaia in the future where Rui is already the new "Ubiquitous One". Leonardo is from Horus, also being in the future. And since both them and Eibon are from the future, no one knows how the "story" of this planet ends, which means one could theoretically change the future and remove their existence entirely. But still they resolve to fight.

In the center of the earth, the protagonist confronts his fear about fighting and having been unable to save Eliza, and awakens to the power of the Qualified One and gaining use of Force. Jail is finally killed and they descend further. They then run into the archangels and finally see the goddess.

It is then revealed that it was actually Michael that talked to them as the goddess the whole time, including having told Eibon to come here. He explains that he gave Zell that power and let him live out his fantasy in order to build up enough energy. Then he brought over the 3 of them from the future making it possible to change the future. Then he left the COMP in the village and guided them to awaken Rui, and he plans to use the demons force powers (Again assumed to be Mystra as she also has access to force power, a trait only Qualified Ones have) to kill the awakened Rui, because if he is killed by Force power while awakened, he can't reincarnate.

Michael discusses that every time Zell defeated Satan as Reich, he would get his memory back and Michael would then reset everyone's memories and let it all play out again. He is then killed (It being implied that Michael did this out of genuine devotion to Nakajima's ideals, and possibly even doing this without Nakajima's knowledge), leaving the rest to Zell, as almost enough energy is gathered. Confronting Zell, he explains that he never planned on being saved and wanted to die along with the planet, merging with Mystra and attacking.

After losing he wonders if things would have been different for him if he hadn't been alone.

After the final battle, Leonardo decides to go home using Eibon's power. However, Alicia convinces Eibon to take her too, confessing to Leonardo and they agree to return to Damir and have their own adventure together.

Rui returns to the village, the COMP having now detached from him having fulfilled its purpose. He then finds out Eliza is alive still. She explains she was only killed in the "Phantom world" but in reality she was protected by Rui's power. So Michael sent her back home and made a fake version for Jail to destroy and anger Rui, thus getting him to awaken. Rui then stays in the village and presumably lives a normal life there until reincarnating into the protagonist of 2 (and then 1)

Eibon is contacted by the real goddess and they discuss Michael's plan. She reveals that since Rui is truly qualified, and with Mystra destroyed, no other qualified one can appear, hence the attempts to prevent his reincarnation. Eibon asks if there will be more attempts to prevent Rui's reincarnation. The goddess explains that while yes, there will likely be more attempts, she believes Rui can prevail and with Michael gone, it will be awhile before they try again. It is then implied that there are more attempts to prevent Rui's reincarnation, and allow Nakajima to remain the Ubiquitous One.

In a post credits scene, Zell reunites with Mana and the real Alphonse. Alphonse explains he had been killed early on in their adventure, but regardless both of them forgive him. They then journey into the afterlife together.

In the post game once again Eibon opens up the door to N Kai where you can fight Tsathoggua. If you speak to him from behind you can fight "Tsa-tan." Furhter into a new dungeon in the abyss there are Tsathoggua's parents, Gizguth and Zstylzhemgni. Finally at the bottom of the dungeon is Atlach-Nacha, the spider deity in Lovecraftian myth that lives near the cave that Tsathoggua lives in. He assumes you were sent by the Tsathoggua family and after being defeated, apologizes for bothering them.

If the monster encyclopedia is filled up to this point, Eibon remains the only one. He says he doesn't want to fight, as he fought Alicia's parents and had to hold back. If the Tsathoggua family is defeated again then you received Eibon's book, Gizguth's pipe, and Zstylzhemgni's apron. Then after beating Atlach-nacha again he uses the items to enchant the book which will make Eibon enraged. This can then be given to Eibon to initiate his fight, the ultimate boss of the game (Similar to Yog-Sothoth in the second game, he has 999,999 hp.)


  • Protagonist: A previous incarnation of Rui, given a COMP and forced to find a way to remove it
  • Eibon: The "observer" who seems to be getting more and more involved. He once again opens N Kai in the post game.
  • Alicia: Daughter of Liesel and Alice from Legaia in the future after Rui became the Ubiquitous one.
  • Leonardo: The son of Luna and Leon from the second game after Rui died.
  • Zell: the true name of Reich, who was given power by Michael in order to destroy Damir


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