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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible New Testament II: Hajimari no Fukuin (女神転生外伝 新約ラストバイブルII 始まりの福音?) is an RPG developed by Atlus and Bbmf for mobile phones.

On August 29th, 2022, Last Bible New Testament II was announced to release in Japan as part of G-Mode Archives for the Nintendo Switch.[1][2][3] It was subsequently released on September 29, 2022.

Later on November 28th, 2022, the game, alongside the other entries in the New Testament trilogy, were announced to be ported on Steam,[4] and would be released later on December 13th.[5]


  • Japan: August 18, 2008 (iAppli)
  • Japan: April 23, 2009 (EZAppli)
  • Japan: September 29, 2022 (Switch)


Hajimari no Fukuin was released as a prequel to Last Bible New Testament. In promotion, it boasted of a scenario that was twice the size in length, with more spells and items as well as tweaks to the negotiation and fusion mechanics. It also introduced a system for monster accessories.


The game begins with Eibon, traveling through space and time, content with having seen the end of the story. However The Goddess contacts him in the past, tasking him with helping the previous incarnation of Rui from the first game.

The Protagonist (There is no default name, however as it is known immediately they are the previous incarnate of Rui, they will be referred to as Rui thoughout this synopsis.) Rui is found on the mount of olives and taken in by a nearby family, raised with his adoptive sister Lana, while his adoptive Mother is bed ridden from an ongoing plague. Rui and Lana share the same birthday and during the birthday celebration Lana is playing a flute she received and decides to go for a walk while playing. When she doesn't return, Rui goes to look for her, only finding her bones and a monster known as the "Pied Piper," implied to have killed and eaten her as it has her flute and clothes. The Pied Piper runs away and kills Rui's parents as well before he can return home. Suddenly, a mysterious woman calling herself Mystra appears, gifting Rui the COMP and ability to communicate with monsters. She also grants your father life just long enough to give you a last message and explain how you were found on the mountain. Rui then resolves to chase after the Pied Piper.

During this journey the history of the planet of Horus is learned. There has been an ongoing plague and monsters, brought on by the Mad King Cain who harshly taxes the people. However the Holy King Abel's army has arisen to oppose him, including distributing medicine for the plague. Eventually Rui is joined by two others. Leon aka "The Mask Who Summons Death," taken in by Ain the right hand man to King Cain who is instructed to investigate and refuses to remove his mask, and Luna, a blue haired cleric raised with her brother Camus in the Holy King Abel's army. Both Leon and Luna are also identified as the prophesied "Children of the Gospel" who will overthrow Cain, though this interpretation of the prophecy is disputed particularly by Leon.

Upset that the army is not helping a nearby village, Luna leads the charge to go help this village. Along the way, Mystra is met again, stating that she remembered who she is, and she is actually the queen of monsters and wants to create the perfect world. However, she does not remember what the perfect world is meant to be. There are also several mysterious orbs emitting Gaia, hypothesized to be some type of egg, that appeared in the mountains. Further into the adventure Lana and Leon discuss how neither of them have actually met Cain or Abel or seen them in person. However, before this can be explored, Camus tasks the group with investigating a nearby village. In this village there was a couple that were known for being incredibly unusual and unstable, their house having been left in disarray. They were chased out of the village to live in a nearby cave, and Leon feels that the place is familiar.

Suddenly distorted worlds begin to appear around the "eggs" from earlier, and Mystra states that she has remembered how to create the perfect world. She proceeds to ask the group not how people should live, but instead IF people should live. Leon attempts to answer but ultimately finds himself too unsure. Mystra then explains that the real Children of the Gospel are in the eggs, and that Leon and Luna were just chosen as a way to try to give people hope, and then disappears. Then Ain invites the group to Cain's castle in order to learn the truth.

Ain explains that he knows that Cain needs to be defeated, but wants to test and make sure the group is ready. After being defeated he lets the group investigate the castle, going through a space similar to the final area in the first game. Upon seeing Cain however, he is shown as a monster with little sense of self and no capability of communicating. Finally the truth is fully explained. Cain was once a great hero and beloved king that had saved the people to rise as king. However, a plague began to sweep through the world and he had no way to stop it. One day when his wife went for a walk, a group of people that blamed the king for the ongoing plague murdered the queen. Cain then decides that if the people need someone to blame, he will help the people by becoming the "Mad King" to blame for the plague. Suddenly he hears a divine voice offering him the power to do this (Later revealed to be the voice of Michael), and he sets the plan in motion. Monsters begin to appear, and the Holy King Abel's army is propped up under a non-existent King. Then when a treatment was found for the plague, the people were taxed heavily by the Mad King, and then this being used to be distributed by the Holy King. Thus the story of the two kings began.

Before losing his sanity, Cain repeatedly spoke of two prophecies, the 2 Children of the Gospel that will bathe the world in light, and the one with a COMP capable of communicating with monsters who will change the future of the world. Mystra suddenly declares as the queen of monsters she will bring about the one truly qualified and will create the perfect world. The eggs hatch to reveal Satan as the king of demons and Lucifer as the head of the archangels (Reversing their usual roles.) On the way to confront them Lana learns the truth about her parents, finding them in a town for "terminal" patients. They are not able to be healed and are so advanced in the plague that they cannot even have their pain easily treated. Instead in order to stop the excruciating pain they are perpetually given medicine, making it so they no longer feel pain, but are in a perpetually drugged state, not aware of the world around them. Luna's brother, Camus, felt this was too painful and sealed Luna's memories of this and instead raised her as a "Child of the Gospel."

After defeating Satan, the group hear about Gabriel killing people at the top of the tower nearby a town where older plague patients live. However after defeating Gabriel, the mayor is instead angry with you, saying that the people in the town are "terminal" and welcome the "culling" as a form of mercy killing for them. With their uncertainty growing the group still leaves to confront Lucifer and defeat him as well. After this the group suddenly gets a lead on the Pied Piper, finally eventually capturing him. The army then takes the Pied Piper in order to publicly execute him for killing and cannibalizing multiple people.

There it is learned that the Pied Piper is not a monster, but actually a human named Ramirez Crowfield that was given the power of monsters. But before he can be killed, Satan and Lucifer appear. They explain they had agreed that if neither of them could rise as king, they would instead work together and fuse into Metatron. Meanwhile Mystra appears and also fuses with Ramirez and disappears. Ain attempts to stop this, but is killed  in the process by Michael. This leads Leon into a deep depression feeling he has no strength without Ain, and leaves. Metatron then declares the judgement for the world is death which will be accomplished by crashing the moon into the planet Horus.

Deciding he can no longer just be a bystander, Eibon helps the group develop a plan. They transfer the "Ark" from the first game to Horus with the help of the Goddess, and creates a bomb made of Magnetite in order to destroy the moon. During this task flashbacks are shown, showing Ain cornered by monsters when Leon suddenly fell out of some nearby bushes with no memories. Leon then unleashes an intense power that immediately destroys the monster. Curious about this Ain takes Leon to Dr. Marlowe, who discovers Leon has powerful Gaia that can be unleashed by his drive to survive. However the power is dampened when he is protected by Ain, as Leon is very shy. Thus he is given the mask to boost his confidence and raised as a Child of the Gospel.

With the ship obtained the group attempts to head to the moon, with Eibon staying behind to communicate. Before they can go Michael attacks with a powerful weapon. But before they can be killed. Leon appears without his mask, looking very similar to Riesel from the first game, and having regained his memories and declaring his name as Leon Crowfield, brother to Ramirez. Leon unleashes his power and Michael is driven off. Leon states that he must go for the sake of his brother, and rejoins to go to the moon.

In order to unleash the Force Sword needed for the bomb, Rui must confront a mental illusion. He is taken to a dream world, offered to live in this dream world with his family all alive again. After fighting these illusions he gains the Force Sword and unlocks the ability to use Force, something that can only be used by a "Qualified one." However, the fused Mystra and Ramirez are also capable of this.

Descending into hell within the moon, the group meets Michael. Michael states that he is not actually working under the orders of Metatron or Mystra, but is delaying them for his own reasons. It is here implied Michael is the same Michael that survived the first game and still works for Nakajima in the past. After Michael leaves, the group descends through increasingly bizarre landscapes showing off all kinds of human misery. Upon confronting Metatron he explains that he is actually an alternate ego to Mystra.

Mystra chose the planet of Horus because of the ongoing plague. She then split her ego into multiple parts in order to gather energy from these various kinds of suffering. She will then fuse with all of that energy in order to become the Ubiquitous One and destroy the universe, ending suffering and thus making it perfect. This all results in the demon king "Ruin." Leon, knowing Ramirez is a part of this, resolves himself to fight his brother.

After defeating Ruin and setting up the bomb, Eibon explains it is too late and Rui will have to stay and set off the bomb, which will also kill him. Rui agrees and sends Leon and Lana away, with Leon promising that he will keep living for Rui. But before he is able to set off the bomb, Rui is pulled into the demon king and shown Ramirez's memories.

Leon and Ramirez were twins, but their parents were highly unstable and abusive, having been driven off to live in caves. While living in the caves, Leon and Ramirez end up killing their abusive parents. During the shock of this, the two playfully fight with Leon declaring he will throw Ramirez into the ocean and Ramirez stating he will throw Leon off a cliff. Ramirez leads Leon to a cliff and tells him if he survives to keep living on, pushing him off the cliff and onto the bush where Ain finds him. Ramirez then throws himself into the sea. However, he also survives and wakes up on the shore, hearing a voice offering him the power to get what he wants. While exploring Ramirez sees Rui's sister Lana playing with her flute happily. Jealous of the happiness she was allowed, he agrees with the demonic voice, being given power by the 4th piece of Mystra. He then leads Lana away, kills her, makes a mask from her skin, eats her body, and then takes her clothes and flute in an attempt to gain the happiness that she had, setting off his cannibalistic tendencies and gathering suffering for Mystra.

In a note, Dr. Marlowe discusses the nature of Ramirez and wonders how he should be judged. Marlowe states that on one hand Ramirez is a victim, having suffered horrible abuse by his parents and the village chasing the family off instead of protecting the kids. On the other hand, the things he's done are clearly abominable, regardless of if trauma is at play. He then says that whoever must make the judgement to kill him will undoubtedly feel a heavy weight. After all of this, Rui finally plunges his sword into Ramirez's spirit, killing him. Mystra separates from Ramirez, but before anything can be done, Michael appears and takes her away.

Rui sets off the bomb, destroying the moon and killing him. Eibon discusses that they will meet again from Rui's perspective, though this is the last time Eibon will see him from his own perspective. Leon and Luna discuss how the world has changed and that they don't fully understand the Children of the Gospel prophecy still, wondering if they really were the prophesied ones. The exact meaning of the prophecy is never clearly stated but is implied in the third game to have been given by Michael as a part of a plan to kill Rui. Meanwhile scenes are shown of Rui reincarnating and being found by Vane in the first game.

In the post game, Eibon discusses that he made a hole in the dimensions to head home but he really wants to meet Yog-Sothoth. However, the last time he tried he was not allowed by Tsathoggua for unknown reasons. After defeating Tsathoggua the group is able to enter the realm for Yog-Sothoth and after a trial by Umr-At-Tawil, are permitted to meet them. Yog-Sothoth is shown to be a young girl of immense power, and Eibon was not allowed to meet her cause at the time she had a tummy ache from too much ice cream. From here both Umr and Yog can be fought as ultimate bosses, with Yog having 999,999 HP (Over 30 times the final boss.) When all monsters are registered with Eibon, Eibon can also be fought as a bonus boss, though he is much easier than Yog.


  • Protagonist: Learns mostly fire-affinity skills with some healing. Reincarnates into the hero of the first game.
  • Leon Crowfield (レオン・クロフィールド): "The Mask That Summons Death" and a Child of the Gospel Supporting male party member. Learns electric-affinity skills and support skills with high MP cost.
  • Luna Sylvester (ルナ・シルヴェスター): A Child of the Gospel and cleric. Supporting female party member. Learns almost entirely curative skills, but starts with Hamaon.
  • Ain Lovecraft (アイン・ラブ・クラフト): Temporary party member. Heavy focus on strength and defense.
  • Eibon (エイボン): The "observer" who met Rui in the first game. Called to Horus by the goddess. Temporary party member. A powerful sorcerer whose equipment you cannot change. He starts at the level cap 99 and possesses high HP and MP.


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