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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible New Testament (女神転生外伝 新約ラストバイブル?) is an RPG developed by BBMF and Atlus for mobile phones.

A port to the Nintendo Switch as part of G-Mode Archives+ was announced on April 16th, 2022,[1] and was later confirmed that the game would release on July 14th, 2022.[2] Later on November 28th, 2022, the mobile trilogy would be announced to be distributed on Steam,[3] all of which were released on December 13th.[4] The ports are Japan-exclusive, although Steam port available world-wide, but without English translation.


New Testament is set in a world where monsters and humans live together. Every one-hundred years, a hero called the Gaia Master is called upon to defeat the demon lord. The spelling of Gaia Master is slightly different in this game than it was in the original.

Upon completion of the game, you will be able to access an extra dungeon, N-Kai (ン・カイ), by talking to Eibon (エイボン), the final boss of which is Tsathoggua (ツァトゥグァ), an entity in the Cthulhu Mythos. Defeating him within 10 turns will make him vomit up the book Eibon is seeking (implied to be The Bible) in which he writes the history of worlds as he observes, he thanks you for returning it.


Once every 100 years, the Demon King resurrects, and the hero chosen by the angels, the "Gaia Master,” (ガイアマスター) defeats the Demon King. Such is the history of the Devil's Castle, or rather, the children's fairy tale of the planet Legaia (レガイア).

Raised by the current Gaia Master Vane, Rui (or Louis, ルイ) (the protagonist’s default name which is able to be changed) trains to become the next Gaia Master along with two other candidates, Alice (アリス) and Liesel (リゼル), while being given the COMP and ability to talk to magical beasts by a mysterious woman, and meeting Eibon, a mage who refers to himself as a spectator. Alice is disowned by her parents, who don't believe she should go out and fight the monsters. Liesel is similarly disowned as his dad, a priest, is uncomfortable with his son not only fighting monsters, but fusing monsters. Throughout the journey the characters also begin to question the history of Legaia, Liesel especially. Despite these circumstances the 3 do rise up in order to defeat Lucifer.

However, their victory is short-lived, as Michael fears they are getting to close to finding the truth and begins to spread a rumor that Rui and his friends are trying to become the Demon King by manipulating monsters. This culminated in a fight against Vane, though after a battle, Rui convinces his adoptive father to reconcile with him... but then Michael, the chief angel, kills Vane, and declares Rui as his father's murderer.

The one who saves Rui from his desperate predicament is a mysterious woman who often appears before him. The woman known as “The Goddess” (女神) tells him there is only one divine being in this world, the “Ubiquitous One” (偏在者), who is periodically replaced. She was the previous Ubiquitous One and had completed her time, died, and was then reincarnated as a human woman.

The Goddess explains who is creating the history of Legaia and controlling the angels is the agent she chose herself to fill in the gaps until the hero, the official successor or the "Chosen One" (適格者) appears. Under the guidance of The Goddess who wants to stop this cycle of the demon king, Rui and his friends decide to revive the demon king Lucifer and request his help. On the way, the Goddess is killed by the angel Gabriel, but they succeed in reviving Lucifer.

After defeating Michael (Who survives), the group reach the other space known as, "The Place of Ubiquity". YHVH, the one and only God, was waiting for them at the deepest part of this space. He unleashes the Megido Fire and annihilates the group. However, when Rui awakens to "Force" and his power as the Chosen One, his friends are resurrected and the illusion of YHVH disappears.

The true form of the Chosen One is revealed… a boy the same age as Rui. “The Creator of the World” (世界を創りしもの) in his Japanese school uniform, bearing 6 pairs of 12 wings and wielding The Sword of Force. After a fierce battle, Rui and his friends defeat him.

The Creator of the World says, “When I was a mere human, the earth was a world where humans fought each other and people ended their lives due to losing their purpose. I wanted to create a happier world with monsters and Demon Kings to unite humans and give them a purpose in life.” To this end he destroyed the old world and set the myth of the Demon king, using the angels for his will and taking free will away from the monsters. He then renamed the earth Legaia as a part of this new history of the planet.

After his monologue, "The Creator of the World" disappears and Rui has become the new Chosen One, leaving his friends and departing to take his place as the Ubiquitous one.

When Alice and Liesel return to Legaia, the monsters have vanished. Alice says, “It’s all over, isn’t it?”, but Liesel replies with a smile, “It’s not over, this is just the beginning”.

After the credits Eibon appears, inviting you to meet his "friend" Tsathoggua.


  • Rui (ルイ): The protagonist and a young boy who takes things at his own pace.
  • Alice (アリス): An ordinary girl who joins the party after being disowned by her parents for wanting to go fight monsters, she is a blue-haired tsundere with twin-tails. Unlike the protagonist, she cannot equip a shield, but her final attack power is greater than his.
  • Liesel (リゼル): The blond irresolute and disinherited son of a great shinto priest. Disowned for his ability to combine monsters. His strength is in magic-focus.
  • Eibon (エイボン): A great mage capable of time travel through the help of the old ruler Tsathoggua, his reason for coming to Legaia being "to see the end of a story" insisting he is "Only an observer." He can also strengthen your monsters and gives you rewards as you fill the encyclopedia of monsters. He also appears in both New Testament II and III.
  • YHVH: Fought before The Creator of the World, he is defeated and revealed to be an illusion.
  • The Creator of the World (世界を創りしもの): The final boss, a former hero who had once saved the world he lived in and ended up living a boring life, he went on to destroy the old world and reshape it into Legaia, using the Demon King story as a way to get humans to unite instead of fighting each other, and have a happier world at the cost of the free will of the monsters. He possesses the abilities of a Chosen One, albeit a surrogate, and has created not only monsters but also COMPs to summon them. He has silver hair and wears a black, modern Japanese school uniform.


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