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Last Bible III is the third of four games in the Last Bible series. Unlike the first two games, this game was not released on a portable system.


The game takes place many years after Last Bible II. People are living in relative harmony with the beasts. In the intro, a war hero named Alek Messena reaches the gates of the underworld. Before he collapses, he says that he hopes that his old friend (Glen Larsford) will survive. The player begins the game as Glen's son Ciel. Ciel lives a rather peaceful life, playing with his friends and brother and going to school to learn how to make use of his potent gaia (a supernatural form of energy). Occassionally, people mention a devastating war, known as the Polisian War, that came to an end about fifteen years ago.

Ciel discovers that the formerly warring (and now united) Polisian States are working to spread their gaia prohibition law and end the threat of war once and for all. Some of Ciel's classmates live in the Polisian States, which make use of Phelesteau, a perpetual engine that provides free energy for everyone in the city, under one condition: that they never release their gaia within the city limits (or be thrown in prison). After his village is attacked by soldiers who came to kill his father, Ciel is forced to uncover the mystery of what happened between Glen and Alek's old team, the Phelesteau engine and the Polisian States.


Last Bible III takes place in a medieval, fantasy world instead of a modern Japanese one in most Megami Tensei games.

Playable characters[]

Non-playable characters[]

  • Principal Cyak
  • Shark
  • Meryl
  • Taki
  • Captain
  • Baraki
  • Gozuki
  • Mezuki
  • Elf
  • Goeffy
  • Rena
  • Ben-Shoah- A councilman of the the Polisian States and the main antagonist for much of the game. He is a famous "hero" for creating the Phelesteau engine a seemingly miraculous perpetual energy machine that ended the wars since the states no longer needed to fight over energy from lapis. However he has been taking steps to control everything from the shadows. He has assassins target the heroes of the country, the shadow walkers, and has been taking steps to forcibly eliminate all gaia use from the world. In reality he is a being from the ancient city of Blantika 20,000 years ago who transported to the present day along with Ramon Yeagar via a time warp during the cataclysm. Seeing his utopian city destroyed, along with the war of the current era caused him to develop an "end justifies the means" creed and he became determined to force a utopia in the world no matter what the cost. His actions against therb shadow walkers was due to them remembering the truth: that the Phelesteau engine is really a massive Gaia abosption system that requires countless sacrifices of humans and beasts to sustain. Said sacrifices are kidnapped by the barbaroi, who are really a secret unit under Elimore's control that bring the victems to Gremorrah's where the are hypnotized and put in a dream like state while their lives are absorbed. Furthermore Ben-shoah manipulates the media to produce falsified versions of the truth to make themselves look good. His plans culminate in forcing a war with Magoku (on the premise that the barbaroi were based there) so that he could destroy their forces by unveiling his ultimate weapon; the Arch Cannon, a massive satellite in space with a Gaia Laser capable of raining down death from the heavens. He usurped the council when they wouldn't go along with his plans and was essentially a king ruling by both admiration from his decieved public and fear. But his plans begin to fall apart when a vengeful Ciel and Rudy escape from hos Gemrorah and destory his Arch Cannon, then break into his facilty and force his Phelesteau tower, the control center for all Gremorrahs, into the open. Ben-shoah waits for them at top and tries to convince them off his righteouness (dialogue will change depending on who is in the party with him focusing on Yeager due to their sharred history), and then fights them when his unable to. Defeated he shows no remorse and only states that their faithm in humans and beasts is misplaced and that a great war will soon resume. Ironically he did not live long enough to see the true consequences of his actions as it was soon after that one his greatest victem, Alek, rose to bring about the end of the world.
  • Alek Messena
  • Baghi
  • Maia
  • Huey
  • Randy
  • Banipal- The souleater, an evil man obssessed with becoming immortal at the cost of stealing lives of countless other people. He was an enemy of the shadow walkers during the war and nearly killled but was found by a person in Baruch and nursed back to health. He repaid his good samaritans by using them in hsi experiments, and found a copy of the necronomicon which gave an immortal body. However it was an incomplete copy and instead of dying he devolves into his true from of a slime like creature and retaking human form is an excruciating process that is almost worse then dying. He becomes Ben-shoah's minion and hunts down his old enemies the shadow walkers in return for a full copy of the Necronomicon. During the game he hunts the party and is the sorce of much misery, killing several friend of Ciel including Ms.Carol and Harry. But the means to destroy him are finally revealed by Yeagaer and built with the help of Alon and Professor Cyak. Banipal is lured to zugarett by Glen and defeated and turned back into his smile form. The heroes then use a device to forcefully transmute his slime form into a lifeless crystal finally ending him. Rudy in a sign of letting go of his hatred, hopes he will be reborn as a good person in his next life.
  • Philip
  • Lily


Last Bible III features basic RPG elements (leveling up, items, turn-based battles). Like in the previous Last Bible games, the protagonist can recruit monsters. However, this game takes it a step further and allows the protagonist to customize monsters. Monsters can be equipped with items and level up just like human characters. A new feature during battle is a gauge that shows how close a monster is to being recruited. Recruitment of monsters requires correct answers of a few questions.


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