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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II is the second of four games in the Last Bible series. While the first Last Bible game was released stateside under the title Revelations: The Demon Slayer, this one was only released in Japan.


"Ages ago, people lived on what was then known as the Fifth Planet. They were able to use telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis powers that were once reserved for gods alone. They called the powers Gaia, and adept users were known as Gaia Masters. Despite wielding these powers, the fall of the Fifth Planet forced them to flee to Terra, the Third Planet, to dwell with the beasts. War soon erupted between the humans and beasts. Both sides fought desperately for control over Terra. In the end, there was no victor. The battles ended up leaving the humans and the beasts decimated. The survivors did not have the strength to keep fighting. They no longer fought for control of the planet. They merely struggled to stay alive. 2000 years later..."
Last Bible II Introduction

The protagonist Yuri was born and raised in the demon kingdom, and sets off on an adventure after the Demon King asks for his aid to stop the return of Gryas, whose return was prophesied to return with Yuri's birth.


Yuri is raised by Solion in a monster village, becoming good friends with Larsa and Medea from a nearby village. He was harbored there when Medoch convinced the King of Magoku that he would be in trouble if the reincarnation of Gryas was about to appear, and he was about to be born. So the King ordered all the newborns to be killed, with Yuri surviving in hiding. While exploring, Yuri learns about a man searching for a legendary city known as Blantica and also a mage named Krau who works with Zodia, a machine like lifeform known as a Deux though this one seems to specifically have chosen Krau as a master.

Medoch comes to the local area to try to recruit people and Larsa decides to join to train his Gaia. But the soldiers invade Yuri's home and capture Solion. Meeting with Esau, the one searching for Blantica, and Yuri joins in the search. Yuri again sees Krau and Zodia, who are trying to learn why plants around the world are dying.  

After briefly looking into Magoku, they learn that Medoch is mining a toxic ore called Becquerel, causing a sickness in the nearby town. They also learn about Safia, a powerful prodigy locked in a tower due to her powers to fuse monsters, and that Medoch is using the  book of Baal and Becquerel in order to make monsters called demons. Safia escapes after the book of Baal is stolen and the Magoku soldier Ganzu tries to intervene, but immediately leaves to address another issue. Safia wants to make things right and joins the group, but Esau leaves as he gets word of someone else looking for Blantica. In Magoku there are rumors that Larsa is going to overthrow and kill Medoch.

Safia confronts Medoch and tries to get him to hand over the Book of Baal, but he insists it's necessary to stop Gryas. Her and Yuri are then imprisoned but Ganzu immediately frees them, knowing that Medoch is corrupted and secretly working against him. They escape and go back to find Esau, but in the process learn that that the King and Medoch left Magoku and are now mounting an offensive on the town of Hypatia. The town is already destroyed by the time they get there, so Yuri heads to the nearby fortress. Finally finding Solion there, it is too late and she is dying, Larsa promising to use his Gaia to get revenge. Next following rumors of a tournament, but Medoch already got there and killed everyone.

Next following the rumors of a town of people that disappeared, they find that several children are gone, and Krau has located them in a forest well. But inside they find a manifestation of Gaia absorbing power. Krau realizes the problems are not Gryas, but this corrupted Gaia, and reveals she is actually from Blantica, heading back there to find a solution. Having finished his ship, Esau sets sail with them to find Blantica. As they search they find the Book of Gryas, in which Gryas explains that Black Gaia is behind human beast conflict, and is responsible for the destruction of the 5th planet.

Yuri learns that Meda, was kidnapped and Ganzu joins to go rescue her. Medea reveals she hadn't seen Larsa in so long she was trying to make him worry about her, but the kidnapping wounded her too much and she dies. Ganzu goes to confront Larsa but then is kidnapped by Magoku. Rescuing him, he says that Larsa is going to use his power to form the Underworld. An old man also reveals that another child survived the slaughter, Larsa. Going to confront Medoch finally, his demons turn on him and kill him before anything can be done, and had also killed the king. Larsa inside destroys the book of Baal and mentions he will create the Underworld to envelop this world and create a new world, inviting Yuri to try to stop him.

Finally finding the Ark and repowering it with Lapis, they find Blantica, but the beings inside refuse to bring back Esau's family as they won't defy fate. Inside Krau also explains that Black Gaia is gaia that was corrupted by human greed and sorrow. They also find more Deux Like Zodia, said to have been made over a thousand years ago. However, Zodia is the only one that appears to have some of its own will. Finally Yuri confronts Larsa, who realizes now he is not the reincarnation of Gryas, but Yuri is.

Before dying, Larsa bestows El's staff, which begins to awaken something in them as Safia finds it familiar. Through a ritual with them as well as Ganzu, Krau and Zodia, it is revealed that they are all reincarnations of people from the 5th planet who fought to stop Black Gaia on that planet while El fought the Gaia Masters 2,000 years ago. However, they were killed and the planet was destroyed as a result. Now reborn here, they go back to Esau who has a tearful conversation with the spirits of his family and the whole team learns the ability to use Force as a part of their growth. With this newfound power, they are able to defeat Black Gaia. As it disappears it tells them that it will return so long as animosity exists in the world. In the ending, Ganzu has taken over as the King of Magoku, and Yuri returns to the forest to lead the monsters as King Gryas.



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