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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II is the second of four games in the Last Bible series. While the first Last Bible game was released stateside under the title Revelations: The Demon Slayer, this one was only released in Japan.


"Ages ago, people lived on what was then known as the Fifth Planet. They were able to use telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis powers that were once reserved for gods alone. They called the powers Gaia, and adept users were known as Gaia Masters. Despite wielding these powers, the fall of the Fifth Planet forced them to flee to Terra, the Third Planet, to dwell with the beasts. War soon erupted between the humans and beasts. Both sides fought desperately for control over Terra. In the end, there was no victor. The battles ended up leaving the humans and the beasts decimated. The survivors did not have the strength to keep fighting. They no longer fought for control of the planet. They merely struggled to stay alive. 2000 years later..."
Last Bible II Introduction

The protagonist Yuri was born and raised in the demon kingdom, and sets off on an adventure after the Demon King asks for his aid to stop the return of Gryas, whose return was prophesied to return with Yuri's birth.


  • Yuri - Protagonist
  • Larsa
  • Medea - Yuri and Larsa's childhood friend and Larsa's girlfriend. On their birthday she gave both of a pendant matching her own symbolizing their bond. However she follows after Larsa when he sets out on his adventure only to be rejected by him when he grows to hate humanity. In desperation she gets herself kidnapped by pirates in hopes he would come save her, but they mortally wound her and Yuri arrives only in time to witness her final moments. At his end Larsa admits he hopes to find her again in the next life. Both hers and Larsa's pendants end up in Yuri's possession. If all three pendants are given to a weaponsmith in Tyros he uses them to forge the Force Sword, which could only be created by the pure love contained within them.
  • Esau
  • Krau
  • Safia
  • Zodia
  • Ganzu
  • Solion - Yuri's surrogate parent
  • Gryas - King of the Beasts
  • Medoch - An advisor of the king of Magoku and a major antagonist of the game. Having studied the ways of Gaia and prophecies at Bulton, Medoch became obsessed with the return of Gryas and believed he was the cause of the end of the world. It was on his advice that all children born a certain day in Magoku be slaughtered, to try to kill Gryas in infancy. To prepare for Gryas he began making demons by killing beasts and merging their bones with Granmarm; statues made of becquerel alloy. Not only did he capture and slaughter dozens of innocent beasts, but the alloy is toxic to humans and the dozens suffered after being tricked into gathering it for Magoku. In order to accumulate more power he also attacks other countries who favor peace with the beasts to gain their secrets in gaia knowlege. Medoch is never fought by the party. In sad irony, due to his obsession of making his demons stronger, he lost control of them and they killed him. Furthermore his actions only helped further the very apocalypse that he was trying to prevent, as all the suffering he caused only hastened the return of Black Gaia the true source of the world's apocalypse.


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