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Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, localized as Revelations: The Demon Slayer, is the first of four games in the Last Bible series.


"Long before human beings existed... Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis... Power that only Gods could harness. Gods named this power Gaia. This is the beginning of tragedy..."
Revelations: The Demon Slayer Introduction

The Last Bible series is set in a fantasy world patterned after the ancient Middle East. In this world, humans have learned to call upon the energy of the world, called Gaia. The hero, El, has studied Gaia, but on the day of his graduation, strange creatures begin to appear. Together with his companions, he sets out to defeat the Gaia Masters that are bringing monsters to their world.


On the 5th planet from the sun, beings descended with the material orichalcum which they used to create life. There, some began to master the energy known as Gaia. Every year all 14 year olds are brought to Mt Palo to determine who is qualified to become a Gaia master. During this 3 are chosen, El, Kishe, and Uranus. A year later, the old Gaia Masters begin disappearing. Then, as El is about to become a Gaia Paragon and is taking the new candidates to the mountain, monsters begin attacking, and the Gaia Masters seem willing to give up the orichalcum.

Kishe decides he is going to go off on his own to fight the monsters, ending up being found by and joining El. El's master and trainer, Zodia, also goes to the mountain and is injured.  After the children at the mountain are saved, El has a dream in which the Goddess appears, telling him not to pursure Gaia. Exploring more they learn that a group known as Zord, made by Zodia, dedicated to destroying monsters and getting Gaia, kidnapped Uranus as well as Triton. After rescuing them, Zodia reveals that Uranus's dad, Rafael, was killed by the Gaia masters and to go to Atlantis to learn more.

While traveling, El once again sees the Goddess of Force who states that Force and Gaia need to be used together. The group also runs into the town where Hiram is, a man working on building a great ship known as the Ark. In Atlantis, fighting through the sewers, it is shown that the Gaia masters have been using magic to create the beasts and gather Gaia. Hiram turns out to be imprisoned and after rescuing him he goes to create the Ark using the power of Lapis to fly. Going to Zord headquarters, the Zord were already defeated, with Zodia giving El one final "lesson" as a fight. The Gaia Masters then mock Zodia's death and leave Mephisto to kill El, though he fails. Finally they meet with Michael, and they are directed to the Goddess who gives El the use of Force.

Finally the team heads to the 3rd planet, Terra, where Lucifer and the other Gaia masters wait. They run into Belial along the way, their Ark crashing into his ship, and defeat him, then continuing on to Luciferium and fight Baal, and finally Lucifer. But after beating him, the 5th planet is suddenly destroyed. The Ark now having fallen apart, El is transported to the moon and goes to a tower purported to contain the entire history of the Universe. After fighting through history, the party confronts the Lord of Creation, Lasabalek. He then explains how he struggled with creation of the universe as the primal power of Force proved to be a threat to its stability. He then created Gaia from the Force in an attempt to control this, but it still failed, and he ended up creating two opposing factions. The Gaia Masters, who seeks to gather more and more Gaia. The Goddess, as well as the Gaia Master Michael, instead seek to pursue Force.

After defeating Lasabelak, he claims El and everyone has been manipulated by something, and soon after, the Universal Will manifests and confronts the party, explaining to El that they were both created to destroy each other. With the power of Force El then sacrifices his life force to make Universal Will vulnerable enough to be damaged. After the party wins against it the Universal Will goes on to explain glimpses of the truth behind all their conflicts, before disappearing. El then uses his willpower to transport Kishe and Uranus to live on the third planet Terra, so they can continue a new history.


  • El (エル) - The protagonist who begins a journey from the town of Moila to investigate the appearance of monsters. He has the ability to contract demons. Through his journey, he gains the power of the Force.
  • Kishe (キシュ) - A young man from Remlia that El helps to find medicine for. After being healed, he offers to join El's party. Kishe is capable of performing demon fusion.
  • Uranus (ウラノス) - Rafael's daughter, and El's second party member once she's rescued from the Nest of Zord. She learns powerful healing spells.
  • Zodia (ゾディア) - El's teacher who is defeated early on at Mt. Palo while trying to save the residents there and leaves to search for greater Gaia powers. He created the Zord to stop the Gaia Masters and has to be defeated by El's party.
  • Rafael (ラファエル) - The priest of Ramuh. He travels to the Tower of Magan to reclaim an orb stolen by the Gaia Masters. He is killed by them.
  • Mephisto (メフィスト) - One of the Gaia Masters and the first El confronts.
  • Belial (ベリアル) - The second Gaia Master that El has to fight.
  • Baal (バアル) - The third Gaia Master that El faces in Luciferium.
  • Lucifer (ルシフェル) - The final Gaia Master and final boss of the original version.
  • Universal Will - The final boss of the true ending of the Game Gear version.

Game Gear[]

The Game Gear version of the game features new sprites for the game's monsters and characters and completely different ending with exclusive last location and boss; these changes are exclusive to the Game Gear version, and were not carried over into the colorized version that appeared on the Game Boy Color and the 3DS Virtual Console. 


In the localization process, a few sprites were switched in order to conform to western rating systems, in particular altering the appearance of some main characters. Dave Augusta made a patch to revert these changes.[1]


  • In Last Bible II it is revealed that the 5th planet was actually destroyed by Black Gaia.
  • In the same game it is also implied that multiple people besides El had already escaped to Terra before its destruction.



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