Persona Q OST 1-13 Laser Beam

Persona Q OST 1-13 Laser Beam

Laser Beam.

Laser Beam is the boss battle theme of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.

A "Secret Path" remix is on Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth.[1]

A concert version is here.


In the zone
I hit the meter
Break your throne
Me? Post leader, Ready for brawl
Gonna make it look easy even if it ain't because
I lead off, Life is short, I'm living it to the full
Cuz I don't wanna cry when my time is done
In the loophole voice telling me to run
Touch the sky son number one

Gonna find a way
Trapped in a maze, trapped in a bit of craze
And I prefer this way
No I don't cave
Especially to the ones who can't behave
Two sides to a smile look how they wave,
Waiting for my downfall my death my grave
However my light's blazing
My crews got it beam that laser

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