Laplace's Demon (ラプラスの悪魔, Rapurasu no Akuma)?, also known as Diable de Laplace (ディアブル・ド・ラプラス, Diaburu Do Rapurasu)? is a Persona in the series.


Known as the first articulation of Casual Determinism, Laplace's Demon states that, by knowning the exact position and composition of all beings in the universe for a single moment and submiting this data to analysis, it is possible to predict the future without fail, as "nothing becomes uncertain".



Persona: Tsumi to BatsuEdit

Diable de Laplace appears as Rago's Persona and specializes in ice skills, such as Bufudyne and Diamond Dust. The Persona has a skill called Akashic Records, which allows Rago to see any kind of info about his opponent via a connection to the Collective Unconscious.


Diable de Laplace as he appears in Persona: Tsumi to Batsu
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