"A lot of different people visit this bar, so maybe working here could broaden your perspective."
—Lala Escargot to the protagonist, Persona 5

Lala Escargot is a character from Persona 5. She works as the proprietor of Bar Crossroads (にゅうカマー, Nyukamaa)?​ in Shinjuku.



Lala has a purple bob haircut, wears blue eyeshadow and red lipstick, and dresses in a black and purple kimono with gold detailing. In Persona 5 Royal, she speaks in a coarse, masculine voice.


Lala is sardonic and quick-witted, but has a kind and motherly disposition. She is often seen attempting to keep Ichiko Ohya's excessive drinking in check, and cautions the protagonist about Shinjuku's nightlife; if the protagonist works for Lala, she allows him to leave early so he can get home safely.

Lala is a close confidant to Ohya, who regularly visits Crossroads to converse with Lala about her job and her investigation of Kayo. Though they have a playfully temperamental relationship and frequently exchange jabs, Lala is one of the few people who Ohya trusts. If the protagonist pursues a romantic relationship with Ohya, Lala expresses her approval of it.


Persona 5Edit

Lala is the proprietor of Bar Crossroads (にゅうカマー, Nyūkamaā)?, a bar located in Shinjuku. The protagonist can be hired by Lala to work at Crossroads starting on June 23, if his Kindness stat is at Rank 3 and his Proficiency is at Rank 4. Lala will pay the protagonist 5,400 yen for each night he works at Crossroads.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, Lala will pay the protagonist 7,200 yen if he works at Crossroads on weeknights, and 12,000 yen if he works at Crossroads on Saturdays. Although she only spoke during certain cutscenes in Persona 5, she has more general voice clips in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Mementos Mission Edit

In the first chapter of Mementos Mission, Lala is briefly seen tending the bar at Crossroads. In the sixth chapter, she admonishes Ohya for attempting to buy the protagonist a drink.


  • (when the protagonist asks if he has to crossdress to work at Crossroads) "Ah... Are you interested? I can be your producer if that's the case... Haha, just kidding. I don't want to break any adult entertainment laws, you know? What you're wearing now is fine."
  • "You sure come here a lot... I don't really mind it, but keep yourself in check, OK?"
  • "I can teach you the basics of how things are run here. Don't worry, you won't do anything illegal."
  • "Can you take a shift today? All my regulars just whooshed in like a big drunken tornado. And obviously you'd get a little extra pay for it. I'm not THAT bad a boss."
  • (to Makoto and the protagonist) "You kids done with your little heart-to-heart yet? Oh, don't worry. Just a glimpse into this fresh drama of yours is the only apology I need. It's like a nice spritz of lemon in the air. Makes me think back to when I was just a wee girl..."
  • (final dialogue to the protagonist) "There's a fire in your eyes now, boy. I have to say, it suits you. Come back to this bar once you become an adult. I'll break out some of my finest drinks for you."


Lala Text Icon
Lala's text icon (P5R)
Lala Escargot in Persona 5: Mementos Mission


  • "Escargot" means "snail" in French; in one exchange, Ohya suggests that Lala is so named because she moves slowly.
  • The game does not explicate whether Lala identifies as a cross-dresser (drag queen) and/or as transgender. Only indirect evidence of Lala's identity is given: characters refer to her using female pronouns; Bar Crossroads strongly resembles as an okama bar (オカマバー*)?, or a bar operated by a cross-dresser; she speaks in a rough, masculine voice; the protagonist asks if cross-dressing is a prerequisite to working at Crossroads; and she makes reference to having once been a "wee girl."
  • Text messages to the protagonist from Lala in Royal are marked with Lala's face against a purple background, making Lala the only non-Confidant character whose face is used as their profile picture in Persona 5.

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