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Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth 4th movie dungeon opening

Fourth movie trailer, includes song.

"LaLaLa Goodbye Personality!" (LaLaLaグッバイ個性!, Lalala Goodbye Kosei!)? is the trailer theme for the fourth labyrinth. In the Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Original Soundtrack, its artist is simply labeled as (ひかり&花&クマの着ぐるみ&木こり&小人たち, Hikari to Hana to Kuma no Nuigurumi to Kikori to Kobito Tachi)?, which consists of Misato Fukuen and several uncredited voice actors.


The following are the official lyrics from Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Original Soundtrack and the in-game trailer.
Original Romaji Translation



ラ・ラ・ラ! グッバイ 個性!



自分なくせ! 数に従え!





"watashi, watashi wa dare?"

anata wa ningen~
anata wa minna~
ichibu ni suginai onna no ko!

kosei nanka iranai wa~
lalala goodbye kosei!

Minna no iken tadashii no~
tasouketsu ni wa machigainai!

settai teki na seigi ni wa~
sakarau koto naku juujun ni!

jibun naku se! kazu ni shimae!
minna minna, sore de shiawase~

soshite kanojo wa kangaeta....

"warui jibun wo yattsuke you..."

"sore de jibun mo 'futsuu' ni nareru..."

-- dakara watashi wa, jibun wo suteru.

Who.. Who.. Who am I?

You are a human~
You are a person~
Your only a girl, just a speck in this world~

I don't need to keep my personality~
La La La, goodbye individuality!

Follow the crowd and there's no need to worry~
No strife to be had when a group remains sturdy!

When absolute justice reigns over the majority~
You must be obedient of your authority!

Forget who you are, we can be one big party~
Then we can all live happily~

And so she realized one day just what to do...
"I should kill the bad part of myself..."
"Then I can finally be 'normal' too."

—That's why I will discard myself.


  • Each of the Hikari copies in the trailer sing lyrics that are related to the "morals" of previous labyrinths and are presented in the reverse order of when they are encountered.
  • The copies of Hikari can be seen telling the real person to give up her personality. However, they are friendly when encountered by Hikari herself and the party, foreshadowing that she forced herself to believe that if she did not stand out she would not get driven to such extreme depression and self-loathing.

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