Kyoto's Jail, also known as the Birdcage of Wrath, is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the Jail of Kyoto.



A new Jail unwittingly created by Akane Hasegawa when she absentmindedly called someone to "save her" because she realized that her father, Zenkichi Hasegawa was arrested by Miyako Kaburagi for preventing the Phantom Thieves of Hearts arrest, leading to EMMA responding to Akane on her own volition. Shortly after the Jail's creation, the real Akane, unbeknownst to anyone else, falls into a coma and Konoe tells EMMA to turn Akane into a King and fabricate a distress call from her per EMMA's proposal. EMMA does not tell Konoe anything about Akane and he just went by her decision. The Phantom Thieves were baited to the Kyoto Shrine by a fabricated distress call and when Ryuji says "Phantom Thieves," they were all dragged into the newly formed Jail, where they try to save Akane, which seems to be bound on a pillar. In reality, that was not Akane, but Shadow Akane, who reveals herself to be hostile, as the newly appointed King of Kyoto. Her resentment against Zenkichi assisting them causes her to trap the Phantom Thieves with a cage in hopes of changing their hearts. Fortunately, Futaba has low physical stamina and she tripped when trying to rescue Akane, so she is capable of escape, and Sae Niijima releases Zenkichi from interrogation just in time.

With Zenkichi and Futaba freed and Futaba having no combat abilities, Zenkichi is required to sneak past hordes of Shadows. Due to Zenkichi not being awakened to a Persona, a Shadow spotting him will result in a Game Over. Once reaching to the place where Akane was in, she reveals that Jun Owada killed her mother (And Zenkichi's wife) and chastises him for being a evildoer because he let himself get blackmailed by Masayoshi Shido, whom Jun Owada was an associate of. She wanted to change the Phantom Thieves' hearts before changing her mother's killer's heart, completely unaware that she had became an exact carbon copy of Konoe. She also expresses more concern about the patsy secretary whom Owada put the blame on than her mother and absolutely cannot be reasoned with. In a bid to save his daughter, Zenkichi then awakens his Persona, Valjean, making him the new 10th member of the Phantom Thieves. He defeats Akane's Shadows, and this Shadow Akane was revealed to be a decoy. There's no Bird Cage or Trauma Room for Akane; instead, she awaits for the party at the deepest level of the Jail.

In order to reach Akane, the party must solve a puzzle involving praying to two Inari statues separated to each other. Not all areas of the Jail are initially accessible, and the protagonist must pray in certain shrines to open new paths to the Father Inari and Mother Inari statues. As soon as they reach one of the statues, they must defeat a mini boss; after this mini-boss is defeated, they must find a way to the other statue. Once both the Father and Mother Inari statues are prayed upon, a path leading straight to Shadow Akane will be available.

The party reaches the end of Kyoto's Jail and encounters Shadow Akane, who has been delusionally rambling about how the Phantom Thieves are fakes and she will kill all of them before going after Owada. She sends out false copies of the Phantom Thieves to attack. While all 8 My Dear Phantom Thieves appear, only My Dear Joker has to be fought and the protagonist has to fight it alone. Once this fight is over, Shadow Akane genuinely considers Zenkichi a good parent and vanishes (causing Zenkichi to briefly panic, not realizing that Shadows dissipate when merging with their real selves and initially beliving her dead). After the party leaves the Jail, Akane was found regaining consciousness in her room and is speaking with Zenkichi, whom she has came to terms with.

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  • Siegfried (Required to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)


P5S JailedThieves
The Phantom Thieves (minus Oracle) trapped in a cage
P5S Zenkichi Awakening
Zenkichi awakening to his Persona

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