Kuzaka The Wise

Kuzaka The Wise (叡智の久坂, Eichi no Kuzaka)? is a non-player character from Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



Kuzaka the Wise was one of the Seven Philosophers who oversaw the construction of Shinjuku Babel in the wake of the Great Cataclysm. A biologist, he created the Innocents to replace the people lost in the Cataclysm in order to help rebuild and revive Tokyo to its former state.

As Setsu and Azura were the third and fourth Innocents created by him, they feel a special attachment to him and refer to him as their father. However, in order to fulfill his brother's dying wish, Setsu breaks the single rule that Kuzaka established regarding the Innocents by giving them weapons.

His present whereabouts are unknown and the only image of him is one recovered from a device carried by one of Ogami's assassins during the second series of acts.

Kuzaka also played a part in the creation of the Reincarnation Institute, which became popularly known as Valhalla. After his disappearance, this was repurposed into the Colosseum it currently acts as.

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