Kunio Itō is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Head of the Ayanagi Criminal Affairs Department, he's suspicious of Ryo Kanzato's intentions as he recognizes the other is hiding information on the nature of the Reverse cases that have been plaguing Ayanagi City. He takes this particularly hard on a personal level as many of his subordinates become victims of Apathy Syndrome thanks to Ryo's orders. Ito believes strongly enough in this that he has no qualms in trailing Ryo, asking Shin Kanzato to look into his brother's home computer, and even convincing Eiko Nikaido to place a GPS tracker in his car.

After Ryo's disappearance, he is brought to a more active position in the reverse cases thanks to Akihiko Sanada's leadership and even works closely with Shin and Takuro Sakakiba in tracking down Marebito during an attempt by the organization to acquire Persona Suppressors. He appears to struggle with the idea of letting children get involved with police work, but after realizing his own powerlessness against Shiiba Kusu's persona.

Much of his insistence in solving the apathy syndrome cases is revealed to be due to the fact his wife and daughter died during the incident ten years earlier. Near the ending of the series, he is briefly reunited with his wife when she possesses Tomohiro Narasaki.


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