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"I...I'm going to save her...! Don't interfere!"
—Kunino-sagiri, Persona 4

Kunino-sagiri (クニノサギリ, Kuninosagiri)? is a boss in Persona 4.


Kunino-sagiri (国之狭霧神, Kuninosagirinokami)? is the Japanese spirit of fog, representing the land, as mentioned in the Kojiki. They, along with Ameno-sagiri are children of Ohoyamatsumi and Kaya-no-Hime (themselves children of Izanagi and Izanami).



Persona 4[]



The party fighting Kunino-sagiri.

Kunino-sagiri is a result of many Shadows merging with Taro Namatame, the initial suspect of the murders and kidnappings in Inaba. When Namatame kidnapped Nanako Dojima and fled into the television's Heaven, he was in a mix of severe anxiety and fervor due to trying to "save" the girl, the people he once "saved" cornering him and the Midnight Channel being a terrifying place despite he used to believe that it was safe out of ignorance. Namatame was quickly possessed by Kunino-sagiri, who strongly believed that it was the "Savior" of mankind. As it takes over Namatame and falls from the sky, church bells can be heard in the background. It appeared as a black humanoid vaguely wearing a long white shirt printed with the symbols of "love" and "peace". Its elongated head had a rotating ring clamped on its forehead, all carrying the symbol of peace. It also has two small, red wings on its back and an antenna on its head. Kunino-Sagiri is not Namatame's Shadow, as Namatame was one of the people Izanami granted the power to enter the TV World, and as a result, his Shadow presumably taken the form of an incomplete Persona.

Persona 4 (Manga)[]

In Volume 10, Souji Seta confronts Namatame with Teddie alone to save Nanako. When Kunino-sagiri forms to fight, Souji gets possessed and forced to fight Teddie holding Nanako using Izanagi. While unable to move, Kunino-sagiri tells Souji that he is empty for trying to be a savior and an ideal person to avoid any conflicts with his family, despite wishing his parents had a larger presence in his childhood and didn't need him to move because of their jobs more often.

Souji is reminded of how he cared so much about supporting Nanako when she was already losing time with her father, but is freed from control when the rest of the Investigation Team come to defeat Kunino-sagiri and bring Namatame back to his regular form.

The Animation[]

In Episode 22, Kunino-sagiri appears and takes control of Yu Narukami to force him into hurting his friends. Nanako shortly regained consciousness, and upon hearing her words, Yu managed to regain control and break free. Kunino-sagiri then takes control of all the members save for Rise to attack Yu but he eventually manages to help them to break free and defeat Kunino-sagiri.

Unlike in the game, where he could only control party members, in the anime he can control and force anyone he controls to use their Personas to attack their own comrades.

Persona 4 Golden[]

Marie as Kusumi-no-Okami.

In Persona 4 Golden, it is revealed that Kunino-sagiri (along with Ameno-sagiri and Izanami) originated from a being known as Izanami-no-Mikoto (Marie). Kunino-sagiri is not Namatame's Shadow Self, but another aspect of Izanami like Ameno-sagiri.

Izanami-no-Mikoto was born a very long time ago and she was the unconscious "wish" shared by people's minds. Her original role was to protect the world of humanity, walk the path of humanity and fulfill the "wish of the world." However, people changed and stopped wishing for truth. The "her" that wanted to protect humanity and the "her" that wanted to fulfill humanity's wish couldn't stay as one. Her other half became its own existence that was larger than herself. She was left behind with no powers or memories. She became a tiny fragment known as "Kusumi-no-Okami" that was incapable of clearing the fog without giving her life to do so.

Without her powers, she became a tool manipulated by her other self Izanami (and as a result, both Sagiri). Marie/Kusumi-no-Okami became an unaware spy for Izanami in order to see the real world and restart the cycle of the Midnight Channel once both Sagiri are removed. Marie's role is to absorb the mist in the real world and purify it if Ameno-sagiri is defeated; however, if she ever does it, she will perish and the Midnight Channel's cycle will repeat itself once again. In order to save Marie and prevent Izanami from infinitely recreating the urban legend, the Investigation Team braves the Hollow Forest.

In the True ending, Marie reveals that Ameno-sagiri, Kunino-sagiri and Izanami-no-Okami have fused with her before she disappears from the Velvet Room to go to parts unknown.


Persona 4[]

The stats for Kunino-sagiri apply for both Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 60
Magic 67
Endurance 55
Agility 72
Luck 55
- 65 8500
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almi
- - - - - Null Null -
EXP Yen Normal Drop Rare Drop
21623 3000 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Agidyne Deals heavy Fire damage to 1 foe.
Maragidyne Deals heavy Fire damage to all foes.
Bufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage to 1 foe.
Mabufudyne Deals heavy Ice damage to all foes.
Ziodyne Deals heavy Elec damage to 1 foe.
Maziodyne Deals heavy Elec damage to all foes.
Garudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to 1 foe.
Magarudyne Deals heavy Wind damage to all foes.
Fire Break Nullifies 1 foe's Fire resistance (for 3 turns).
Ice Break Nullifies 1 foe's Ice resistance (for 3 turns).
Elec Break Nullifies 1 foe's Elec resistance (for 3 turns).
Wind Break Nullifies 1 foe's Wind resistance (for 3 turns).
God's Judgment Light: chance of reducing foes to 1/2 HP.
Quad Converge Raises effectiveness of one random element
while reducing all others for everyone.
Control Takes control of 1-3 enemies.
Unerring Justice Inflicts heavy Almighty damage to all enemies.
Makara Break Negates all foes' Makarakarn.
Tetra Break Negates all foes' Tetrakarn.
Dekunda Nullifies stat penalties on party.
Dekaja Nullifies stat bonuses on all foes.
Life Leech Drains a large amount of HP from one foe.
Spirit Leech Drains 100 SP from 1 foe


Persona 4[]

Attack Pattern[]

At first, Kunino-sagiri will use high-damaging elemental attacks. When Makarakarn is cast, he will first drain 100SP from a random target and then dispel all -karn buffs. He uses Life Leech instead If Tetrakarn is cast. Once a third of his health has been lost, he will start using Quad Converge and following up with whatever element has been powered up without breaking his pattern. After his health has been reduced by two thirds, he will start using the Control technique which he uses to control one or all of the characters which will attack Yu. Once he has about 1000 HP left, he will start to use Unerring Justice, and he will use it over and over again until he either kills Yu, or until he himself is killed.


The player only needs to level enough so that all of the party members can survive Unerring Justice, so it can be a little under level 60. It is recommended that the player have at least one healer and as many Makarakarn casters as possible. Before starting the battle, make sure all members of the party are set to Direct Commands so the player can make sure each member survives longer. Daisoujou can fill both roles as well as a properly fused Mara. In Golden, Naoto, if used, should retain her Makarakarn. If the player can secure a Persona that can resist/null all of the party's attack attributes, it will make surviving against controlled party members that much easier. Having a multitude of potent SP items will make the fight a lot more consistent in the player's favor.

One party member should cast Makarakarn every single round to have Kunino-sagiri waste every single turn in his first phase. The others should constantly be using Power Charge/Mind Charge and pummeling Kunino-sagiri with skills. When he is in his second phase where he activates Quad Converge, he will no longer dispel barriers and will follow through with elemental spells regardless so it is recommended that the player quickly cover all party members with magic reflect either by Makarakarn or Magic Mirrors. This will result in four attacks will repelling back at him for 3 times the damage, since Quad Converge will greatly strengthen whatever random element he will later use. During the time in which Quad Converge is effective, once the strengthened element has been identified, the player should take advantage of this and attack Kunino-sagiri with this element. If the player can predict when he will use Quad Converge (which is at 1/3 depletion), the player can save a Makarakarn item but use the ability twice. On his third phase, Kunino-sagiri will control three party members. When this is the case, the party members will attack the player using physical attacks, while Kunino-sagiri will use a regular Attack. Having a persona that resists physical attacks or nullifies them is highly useful to allow the player to withstand the repeated assaults. Alternatively, having the skill High Counter can help to repel such attacks back.

On his final phase, the player should restart an offense while having constant HP maintenance.

Battle Quotes[]

Persona 4[]


  • "I'm ... I'm going to save her! Don't interfere!"
    • Naoto: "How solid is his grasp on reality?"
    • "I ... I'm!"
  • "Save her ... I'm going to save her!"
  • "Don't ... don't get in my way!"
  • "I ... I!"
  • "I'm ... going to save..."
  • "What's ... what's wrong with saving them?!"
  • "You ... you won't understand!"
  • "Why ... why are you getting ... in my way?!"
  • "You're ... you're in my way! Go away!"
  • "You're ... you're ... you're all..."
  • "N-n-not yet! I'm not done yet!"
  • "Dammit!"
  • "I won't let you get in the way!"
  • "Help ... help me do this!"
  • "You ... you too!"
  • "I'll ... I'll make you disappear!"
  • "T-Take this!"
  • "Argh! Argh!" (unused death quote)


Persona 4
Concept art of Kunino-Sagiri.
Kukino sagari commentary.jpg
Kukino sagiri design commentary by Soejima.
Kunino sagiro as he appears in anime cutscene.jpg
Kunino-sagiri as he appears in an anime cutscene.
Kunino model.png
Persona 4 The Animation
Kunino-sagiri in Persona 4 The Animation.
Persona 4 Kunino-sagiri.jpg
Kunino-sagiri as it appears in Persona 4 the Animation.
Persona 4 The Golden Animation
Kunino-sagiri in P4GA.jpg
Kunino-sagiri makes a cameo appears in Persona 4 The Golden Animation.


  • Glitch: If one of the party members dies while controlled by Kunino-Sagiri (for example, killed by High Counter), you will not be able to revive them for the rest of the battle (this has been fixed in the Golden version, in which the party members retain 1 HP).
  • Glitch: If one of the party members survive a lethal attack and then attacked by God's Judgement, they are technically dead, however the game will not register it correctly. Due to this, they are given one more turn until they are not selectable. They also cannot be healed (this glitch also counts for Yu, if he is killed this way, the game will still proceed, however when all other members are incapacitated, the game will freeze).

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