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Kujikawa Rise (Stage)

The Kujikawa Rise is a dance stage in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. It is the reality within the Midnight Stage created for Rise Kujikawa.

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This is the first stage that Yu and others were forcefully dragged to. They noticed that it has some similarities to the Midnight Channel. However, the Shadows present on the stage were not attacking, but instead had ribbons that caused them to go berserk when attached. Suddenly Yu and Rise become weaker and slowly lost their consciousness by the unknown song affecting them. As Naoto and Yu attempt to use their Persona, however Yu's Persona and Naoto's' bullet disappeared. As they lose all hope, but luckily the soundtrack accidentally play on Rise's cellphone, the Shadows became more stable and settled down. With Yu regaining control, it up to him to save Rise and Naoto by pulling the Shadows into their own dance. And with that, Shadows are purified and Rise and Naoto regain their consciousness. Yu noticed how his Persona, Izanagi somehow looked different than his Persona that was usually used in battle. The Eerie Voice forced Yu and others back to their real world.

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P4D Kujikawa Rise (stage)
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