Kouichirou Urabe is a character in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.



Urabe first appears during the very first Vision Quest and is a former member of the Phantom Society. He joined because he felt that he was useless and couldn't gain any respect. He soon became an outstanding Dark Summoner. However, after learning the Phantom Society's true purpose, he attempted to resign. The Society responded to this by murdering his wife and son, and told him that once he joined the Phantom Society, he could never leave it. Urabe sought vengeance ever since.

A man named Kinap contacted him and said that the best way to get revenge is by stealing the Nemissa Program. Urabe agrees to go with his plan, and infiltrated the Algon Network Service Building, where the program is kept. He's surprised to find out that demons suddenly lurk in the building, and summons his ally demons. When he finds the program on the fifth floor, he had to delete his Demon Summoning Program, since the Nemissa Program was too large to fit with it. After he finished uploading the Nemissa Program to his GUMP, he hears an eerie laughter from it. A man speaks to him, and Urabe turns around to find out it's Finnegan, a Dark Summoner who has been sent to assassinate Urabe. Unable to summon demons, he tried to escape, but gets barred by Society members. He finds himself trapped on the Building's roof. Knowing his fate, he locks his GUMP with a password. Finnegan corners Urabe and has his demons murder him.


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