Kouetsu Kirijo is a character mentioned in the Persona series.



Kouetsu Kirijo was obsessed with Shadows and wanted to harness their powers and over the years experimenting on Shadows his mind eventually embraced Nihilism.


Persona 3Edit

Kouetsu Kirijo is the father of Takeharu Kirijo and the grandfather of Mitsuru Kirijo. He was once the head of the Kirijo Group before his death.

In 1995, Kouetsu Kirijo began the experimentation of Shadows in order to learn and harness their powers to create a time manipulation device. He assembled a team of top scientists and for several years he was able to obtain a significant amount of Shadows.

Over the years he became a nihilist and began preparing for The Fall, viewing death as deliverance.

However, in 1999, during the final stages of the experiment, they lost control of the Shadow's power. He and the rest of the scientists lost their lives during the accident.


P3-Kouetsu profile
Profile of Kouetsu
Kouetsu Kirijo in Persona 3 Portable
Kouetsu in P3P

In Other LanguagesEdit

Flag of the United States English Kouetsu Kirijo
Flag of Japan Japanese 桐条 鴻悦 (Kirijō Kōetsu)
Flag of South Korea Korean 키리조 코우에츠 (Kirijo Kouecheu)


  • According to the Persona 3 Club Book Kouetsu Kirijo originally came across a Plume of Dusk, and started his research into it for benevolent purposes. As more were learned from it about Nyx and more Plume of Dusks were collected, however, eventually drove Kouetsu mad.

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