Kosei High School emblem.

Kosei High School (公立洸星高校, Kōritsu Kōsei Kōkō)? is a location in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

Kosei High School is the school that Yusuke Kitagawa and Hifumi Togo attend. The place is mentioned but its location in Tokyo is never revealed. The school was founded in 1916.

Persona 5: The Animation The Day Breakers Edit

Kosei's locker room is briefly shown for Yusuke's investigation.

Known StudentsEdit


  • This school's name may be a deliberate play on a Japanese word for rehabilitation (and rebirth), kōsei (更生), as of its many homophones this one fits the game's overall theme, is used by Igor when first welcoming the protagonist to the Velvet Room, and Shujin Academy is similarly based on a pun.
  • Hifumi is of the Star Arcana and she has a star on her uniform.
  • Like how Shujin Academy has a turtle in the Training Room, Kosei - according to Yusuke - has a peacock.
  • Kosei's school store sells an anthology of poems by the principal.
  • Based on the fleur de lis present on Yusuke's uniform, it is possible Kosei is a Catholic school. This would explain why Hifumi Togo spends time in the Church and why Yusuke is familiar with the anguish of Christ.
  • There is a real school by this name in Tokyo which is called Kōsei Gakuen Girl's Senior High School.


Hifumi Togo
Hifumi in regular uniform
Concept art of Kosei's regular school uniform
Concept art of Kosei's summer school uniform
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