""To live”…? Are you kidding? No one seriously talks like that. What more do you need outta life than to have a blast?"
—Kiyoshi Sakuma to Aigis, Persona 3

Kiyoshi Sakuma is the grandson of Mewlie's owner and is a student of Gekkoukan High School.


Design Edit

Kiyoshi has slightly different appears depending on the version of the game played. However, in both versions, he has brown hair and wears a Gekkoukan High School uniform.

In FES, he has a hairstyle similar to the protagonist.

In Portable, he has slicked-back hair and a small wavy fringe on his forehead. He usually has a smirk. His uniform is a standard boy's uniform with a year indicator indicating that he's a freshman with the blazer wide open. He has a white shirt buttoned down with no ribbon.

Personality Edit

Kiyoshi Sakuma dislikes people calling him Kiyoshi and prefers to be called Joe.

Profile Edit

Persona 3 FES Edit

He appears in Aigis's Social Link event. Kiyoshi is first seen at the strip mall at Iwatodai Station. He asks his grandmother to lend him money for a date tomorrow, which she agrees to. However, he gets annoyed when his grandmother calls him "Kiyoshi". She reveals she chose Kiyoshi for him herself, and that Kiyoshi was the name of a doctor from her home village. She gives him the money and he runs off happily.

The protagonist and Aigis follow him. Aigis asks if Kiyoshi gets lonely by himself, confusing him. Aigis concluded that his grandmother is lonely because she has nobody else. Kiyoshi asks if this is a lecture, and Aigis replies she simply wants to know. Aigis asks if he ever visits his grandmother, saying it would ease her loneliness. Kiyoshi dodges the question and tells her to stay out of stuff that doesn’t concern her.

Aigis then asks Kiyoshi what it means to live, confusing him further. Aigis mentions that the bonds between people are what's most important, and this is what his grandmother is slowly losing. Kiyoshi replies he thinks having fun is more important than having bonds with people. Kiyoshi tries to ask Aigis out on a date, although Aigis interrupts him by thanking him and she attempts to leave. Kiyoshi is annoyed, thinking Aigis made a fool out of him, says screw you to her, then runs off.

Persona 3 Portable Edit


Kiyoshi and Aigis.

In Aigis's Social Link, he is trying to ask out Aigis and the female protagonist, but he is quickly dismissed by Aigis. Asking himself if this is some kind of cult scared ran away.

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