"Let's go. Think you can keep up?"
—Kiria Kurono from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Kiria Kurono is a playable character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



Kiria is an elegant young woman with long turquoise hair that she braids. In her street clothes she wears an olive green jacket, a bright orange skirt that shows her underwear and torn black stockings.

As an idol, she wears her hair in a ponytail and wears revealing black and white outfits with long black gloves and thigh-high black boots. She also has a variety of other outfits.

As a Mirage Master, her hair turns bright teal tied in pigtails and her eyes turn red. Her face is obscured by a mask covering her right eye. Her outfit becomes more armored, though still revealing with her midriff bared. Her weapon is a combination of a staff and microphone stand.


Very protective of her private life, Kiria is a quintessential cool beauty, often being very calm and serene though she can get standoffish and emotional on occasion. In her side quests, it's revealed she actually has a soft spot for cute things, such as her beloved plush doll Sir Gen. She is insecure about it as she knows it conflicts with her public image and is unsure of how to reconcile such contradictions.



  • Her talents are discovered by Maiko Shimazaki and she joins Fortuna Entertainment.
  • She releases one hit song after another and gains her position as a top female artist in Japan.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Kiria is a chart-topping singer popular with young people. She simply goes by the romanized name "Kiria" as a singer and is a powerful Mirage Master. She’s also referred to as the "cool beauty," but not many people know her personally and her private life is a secret. She’s a senior to Itsuki and the others, often aiding them.

She's first seen in the prologue saving Itsuki, Tsubasa and Touma from an ambush and later invites them to her concert due to Tsubasa struggling with her lessons. When a Mirage attack happens she's quickly put out of commission protecting Tsubasa. After Ayaha is saved Kiria officially joins the team.

During her side quests, Kiria confides in Itsuki that she actually has a soft spot for cute things. She tried to hide her affections due to fear of being mocked as her imposing image wouldn't gel with being cute. At first she tries to kill her love for anything cute by attacking cute Mirages in the Idolasphere, but finds she's incapable of doing so. Tharja chides Kiria for being so insecure and tells her that she should be herself and not be petrified by others' opinions of her.

In her third side quest she's booked for doing a duet with Tsubasa, but is unsure of how she can act cute. Tharja then leads them to a pair of Mirage Golems she made called Bord and Cord which they'll practice charming. Unfortunately they're hostile and they're forced to fight them. Afterwards she tells Tharja that she finds her to be her ideal partner, making Tharja chuckle gleefully before teasing Kiria about her attraction to Itsuki.


Kiria Kurono - A New Charisma

After Enter-Kingdom, Kiria's songs stayed faithful to her cool personality, and she remained a charismatic figure in the Japanese music industry. However, though it doesn't quite suit her public image, it's said she always carries around a small beat-up plush doll, inexpertly stitched back together...

Kiria Kurono - A New Kiria

Kiria's new style of being "cool and cute" becomes popular across the world, making her an international star. The Japanese for the trend, "kakkokawaii," enters common parlance across languages, and Kiria's voice continues to spread throughout the world.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
TMS Kiria main concept artwork
Concept artwork of Kiria
TMS Kiria (Mirage Master) main concept artwork
Concept artwork of Kiria as a Mirage Master
TMS concept of Kiria Kurono, 01
Concept artwork of Kiria's outfits
TMS concept of Kiria Kurono, 02
Concept artwork of Kiria's outfits
TMS concept of Kiria Kurono, 03
Concept artwork of Kiria's outfits
TMS concept of Kiria Kurono, 04
Concept artwork of Kiria's outfits
TMS (Cinematic) concept art of Kiria
Concept artwork of Kiria (cinematic)
Kiria's costume
Concept art of Kiria's Costumes
Kiria's costume 2
Concept art of Kiria's Costumes
SMT x FE Eleonora and Kiria - illustration by toi8
Kiria and Eleonora Illustration by to18
TMS Fortuna Entertainment main cast illustration by toi8
Illustration artwork of Kiria and the main cast by toi8
TMS main female cast and Itsuki illustration by toi8
Illustration artwork of Kiria, Itsuki and the main female cast by toi8
TMS Kiria chibis
Chibi version of Kiria
SMTxFE Kiria Reincarnation poster
Kiria Reincarnation cover
TMS Dream Catcher, featuring Yashiro and Kiria poster
Yashiro and Kiria's SIV LIVE poster
Kaira idol outfit
Kiria performing "Reincarnation"
Kiria & Tsubasa - Give Me!!
Kiria and Tsubasa performing "Give Me!!"
Kiria Labyrinth
Kiria performing "Labyrinth"
SMT x FE Kiria Fashion Show DLC Costumes
Fashion Show Costume (DLC)
SMTx FE Kiria Girls Swimsuit DLC Costumes
Swimsuit (DLC)
SMTxFE Kiria DLC Costume
Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City Princess (DLC)
Kiria Kurono illustration by まよ for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 4
Artwork of Kiria as a Mirage Master in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) by まよ
Kiria as a Mirage Master illustration by Konfuzikokon for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 4
Artwork of Kiria as a Mirage Master in Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) by Konfuzikokon


Kiria's surname Kuro means "black," a reference to her Dark Mage class.


SMTxFE Kiria idol outfit comparsion

Kiria's idol outfit comparsions between the early trailer and November Nintendo Direct 2015

  • She is also one of the characters where her Mirage color theme form is not similar to her Mirage partner in a way  (Including Mamori and Yashiro). Where her Carnage form doesn't look similar to Tharja's form at all.
  • She is so far one of the few characters to have her debut idol outfit censored, second being Tsubasa for North America.
  • She is the oldest of the playable characters, being the only legal adult among them.
  • She is the tallest of the female characters.

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