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Kintaro is a demon in the series.


Kintaro is a folk hero who, as a child raised by a mountain hag upon Mt. Ashigara, had superhuman strength. He was friendly with all the animals as he grew up and would eventually catch Shouten-Douji. He would eventually become a follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu and change his name to Sakata no Kintoki. There are several versions of the myth of how he was born. One had his mother become pregnant thanks to a clap of thunder caused by a dragon upon Mt. Ashigara.

His many mythical feats include sumo wrestling bears, fighting demons, and felling trees for woodcutters. When he became a follower of Yorimitsu he would learn martial arts. He is based on a real man named Sakata Kintoki who was a retainer to the samurai Yorimitsu.



DemiKids Light/Dark Version[]

"A bright demon that lives in the mountains and runs around with bears and other animals."

Known as Bearlord, he can perform the Earth combo Earth Hammer with Bushido and has the power Beast-Time.


DemiKids: Light/Dark Version[]

Class Element Type Level HP MP Exp
Elite Earth Dragon 17 176 73 130
16 15 13 15 12 15
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Ram Earth 15 HP Small dmg. 1 Foe
Powercharge Light 15 HP Special Boost. Self
Healmor Light 10 MP Minor HP recovery. 1 Ally
Temptation Dark 20 HP Recruit Up. 1 Foe
Hyper Sense Earth 10 HP DEF Up. Self
Desperation Earth 5 HP Critical. 1 Foe

Devil Children Fire/Ice Book[]

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Elite Earth Dragon 17 176 73 130
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
16 15 13 15 12 15
List of Skills
Taiatari Chikaratame Diarama
Shieki Marumaru Hinshi no Ichigeki