Kikuno Saikawa is a character in the Persona series.



Kikuno takes her job as a maid very seriously, and is known for going out of her way to do things to make people as comfortable as possible: such as making Yukari's bow the ultimate bow from Featherman, to personally preparing song tracks for Fuuka's own enjoyment.


Persona 3: New Moon/Full MoonEdit

The childhood friend and personal maid of Mitsuru Kirijo. Kikuno is working with Takedera to keep Mitsuru at her home while he deals with SEES. She drugs her food in order to put Mitsuru to sleep.

Persona 4 ArenaEdit

While Kikuno does not receive artwork until Ultimax, she appears near the beginning of Mitsuru's story mode, where she assists in the formation of the Shadow Operatives. Mitsuru suspects Kikuno of setting up a minor contained Dark Hour relic incident to ease suspicions and tension between the shadow operatives and the police, forcing her to personally step in and prove the necessity of her involvement.

Arena UltimaxEdit

A member of the Shadow Operatives. She first appears near the beginning of P3 Story Mode, where she informs Mitsuru that a large reading of shadows have appeared in Inaba. Kikuno goes out to recruit Yukari Takeba after learning that Mitsuru Kirijo and the others had been taken captive. Kikuno is the pilot of the helicopter that takes Yukari, Ken Amada, Koromaru, and Labrys into Inaba when the red fog appears.

Kikuno gives them new weapons she feels suit them, as well as their Evokers. When General Teddie sends a missile at them she attempts to dodge, only to notice that he intentionally missed when it turns into fireworks. Fearing a second attack, she warns the group to drop off. Kikuno then gives Labrys data on a Plume Of Dusk and Project Puppetmaster after learning someone from Inaba tried to take it. She later evacuates to safety after dropping off the Shadow Operatives.


Kikuno Saikawa P4AU Concept
Concept art from P4AU artbook
P4AU (P3 Mode, Kikuno destroying the Shadows)
Kikuno eliminating all Shadows
P4AU (P3 Mode, Epilogue 07)
Kikuno helping Mitsuru and Yukari on shopping
Kikuno Saikawa Ultimax Stageplay
Kikuno as she appears in Ultimax stageplay

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