Keisuke Komatsubara a.k.a Mareya Kujou (九条 稀也, Kujou Mareya) is a character from the anime Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Komatsubara was a neurologist whose fascination with the concept of Personas led him to perform increasingly dangerous experiments with his daughter, Ayane Komatsubara, to the point where she committed suicide while jumping from a research plane over the ocean. While she reappeared to haunt those researchers that experimented on her leading to the incident that caused the mass occurrence of Apathy Syndrome in Ayanagi City, he became obsessed with the idea of reviving her through the use of Persona. During the Apathy Crisis, he also took advantage of Ryo Kanzato's panic and used Jun Kanzato and Yuki Kanzato in an experimental surgery to merge their Persona under the pretense of saving Jun's life.

After the Apathy Crisis, Komatsubara began to work under the alias of Mareya Kujou, faking his death and allowing his own Persona to consume him to extend his own life. He founded the Marebito, largely made up of orphans from the destruction ten years earlier. Komatsubara convinced them they were strengthening their own Persona and encouraged them to continue consuming the Persona of others, creating the Reverse cases. He created the artificial lifeform Kanaru Morimoto in order to discover powerful targets for them through Kagenuki.

As the series progresses to its climax, he reveals that Marebito were merely containers for the Persona he intended to use to revive the clones he had made of his daughter.


Mareya Young
Komatsubara explaining the surgery
Mareya Highway
Komatsubara meeting Ryo on the highway
Mareya Ryo
Komatsubara fights Ryo
Mareya Containment
Komatsubara in containment

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