The Keihin Shelter No. 3 (京浜第三シェルター?, lit. "Tokyo-Yokohama, Third Shelter") is a location in Megami Tensei II.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

The Keihin Shelter #3 is where the protagonist and his friend are living after the Great Cataclysm. The console where Devil Busters is played is located here, on B4F, along with a bar and a small warehouse where some weapons and armor have been stored in case of emergency. On a bet for ћ750, and also at his friend's request, the protagonist defeats the Minotaur in Devil Busters, and then offers the Orb of Silence to Pazuzu, who was sealed in the game. After Pazuzu is unsealed, he tells the protagonist and his friend that they are the messiahs, destined to save Tokyo, and that unsealing him has also allowed Demons to flow into the real world from the computer console. Pazuzu gives him the Demon Summoning Program (complete with all the demons in his stock in Devil Buster), gives the friend his first Magic spells, and tells them they must defeat the necromancer Nebiros on B1F. The pair receives a Walther PPK and a Battle Suit each from the weapons storehouse, and defeat Nebiros, and then head outside to Haneda...

Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

If Megami Tensei II began as a continuation from finishing Megami Tensei, and a Member's Card was obtained in MT, the boy in the room directly south from the Devil Busters console will give one to the protagonist.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Tan boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level Drop Floor
Zombie Spirit 2 - All
Ghoul Spirit 3 -
Punks Kyojin 3 Metal Card
Nebiros Night 17 Jackknife B1F

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