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"Don't be absurd...The only officer to see him was me. I WILL be the one to arrest him."
—Katsuya is determined to catch the JOKER even after being removed from the investigation team.

Katsuya Suou is a character from the Persona 2 duology.



Katsuya is a man in his mid-20's with tan skin and brown hair a few shades lighter than his brother's, which he wears in a forehead-sweeping cut with long sideburns. His face is also rather angular, with a defined jawline and prominent cheekbones in the original art, although this is less apparent in the updated art.

Overall, his style evokes the image of a fashionable man. He wears a tailored gray suit with a peak-lapeled jacket, a burgundy dress shirt and gray tie (black in Innocent Sin) with black oxfords; he is never pictured without his rectangular, silver-rimmed sunglasses with red lenses. As a police officer, he carries his gun in a holster on his hip.


In Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Katsuya is depicted by Tatsuya as a harsh, perfectionist authority figure who often fails to understand him in any way. This behavior has been somewhat toned down in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, due to the perspective changing from Tatsuya's point of view to Maya's own.

In Eternal Punishment, he has a strong sense of justice and upholds the law whenever and wherever he can. Although he's straitlaced, Katsuya often drops his guard around Maya Amano (with whom he somewhat developed feelings for), and gets into constant verbal quips with a later ally, Baofu. His awakening to Helios drives him to slowly appreciate cats, despite the fact that he is allergic to them.

During the confrontation with Katsuya's shadow, it is revealed that Katsuya, like his brother in Eternal Punishment, is infatuated with Maya. After this embarrassing revelation, the Suou brothers agree to mutually help each other in protecting her instead of fighting among themselves as Nyarlathotep had intended for them to do. In the end, Maya chooses not to associate with the Suou family anymore to prevent Tatsuya from the new reality's from regaining his memories of the Other Side.


Persona 2

Innocent Sin

"A detective with the Konan PD and Tatsuya's older brother. He's an intelligent man of action with a grudge against arsonists."
—His introduction, Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Katsuya Suou is Tatsuya Suou's older brother, a by-the-books sergeant from the Kounan Police Department who followed in his father's footsteps to become a cop. Katsuya is a detective specializing in investigating arsons. However, Katsuya actually wanted to become a pastry chef, but dropped his dream to become a police officer, driven to clear his father's name after he was disgraced while investigating Tatsuya Sudou's arsons. While he appears strict and harsh to Tatsuya, he does care for him, warning him to find shelter when things begin to get out of hand.

After King Leo burns down the police station and the Masked Circle spreads a rumor that Tatsuya and his allies were the bombers, Katsuya reluctantly puts up wanted posters for their arrest. However, after Maya Amano spreads a counter rumor that Tatsuya actually was saving people, he removes the posters with a smile on his face.

Katsuya is present when the city rises as Xibalba, and tries in vain to contain the Masked Circle and Last Battalion members fighting in the city.

Eternal Punishment

"Young Detective of the Konan PD. His current rank is Sergeant. He has a little brother named Tatsuya."
—His introduction, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
"Sergeant of the Homicide Division with a strong sense of justice."
—Initial Profile Description

Unlike in Innocent Sin, where he was an arson detective, Katsuya is a homicide detective assigned to investigate the JOKER killings. He awakens to his Persona during the incident at Seven Sisters High School, having first obtained it after playing the Persona game with Tatsuya in the past. He uses his standard-issue semi-automatic pistol to defend himself, and his Persona grants him fire magic.

While investigating the JOKER Incident in Seven Sisters High School where a student allegedly performed a curse on someone, Katsuya unwittingly runs into a madman who claims to be the JOKER wearing a makeshift paperbag mask (who turns out to be Tatsuya Sudou, whose mind had been brainwashed by Nyarlathotep with the memory of previous side that had been erased by Philemon as requested by Tatsuya, Eikichi, Lisa, and Jun due to Maya's death). Upon claiming responsibility for killing Kaneda (the person who ran over Anna Yoshizaka) and Principal Hanya, Katsuya tries to arrest him but is overpowered by demons and the Joker Persona. It is around this time that he feels the resonance, and awakens to Helios. With the school soon being overrun by demons, he advises Maya and Ulala, who have also awakened to their own respective Personas, to stay with him until the incident is resolved, allowing them use of the familiar pink pistols that the Joker flung at them before attacking. Ulala refuses, since she could do just fine with her fists, so Maya takes them both, and seems particularly comfortable with using the guns.

After confronting the demons left by the Joker in the school's clock tower, Katsuya is pulled out of the investigation team by Captain Shimazu, who was unable to believe his report on the weird turn of events. This hardly deters him, and sets out to find the truth even without the help of his badge.

After saving Tatsuya in the Undersea Cavern, it is revealed that he saves a sizable chunk of his salary with Tatsuya's future in mind. This information is courtesy of Baofu, who did the research in retaliation to the person who has become his "rival" in the background investigating business.

Katsuya's past is later shown in the vision at Monado Madala before confronting his own Shadow, where he is seen as a senior in Seven Sisters High School talking to his class adviser, Akinari Kashihara. It turns out that Katsuya only became a police officer to try and clear his father's name from the frame-up orchestrated by Tatsuzou Sudou, even if it meant giving up his longtime dream of being a patissier or dessert chef.

Persona 3

Katsuya appears on the television program Who's Who, which is hosted by Trish. He is introduced as "A man in his 30's who dresses in very stylish suits". Trish mentions that though the former is a policeman, he dabbles in a little cooking on the side. (Referencing his former goal of becoming a Pastry Chef before having to clean his father's name by going after Sudou.)

Persona 5

Katsuya is briefly mentioned on a TV program in Persona 5. He is described as a "handsome detective with red sunglasses", showing he hasn't rid himself of his trademark shades.[1]

Battle Quotes

  • "Police, everyone freeze!" (when entering a battle)
  • "You're all under arrest!" (when entering a battle)
  • "I'll show the pride... of the force..." (when entering a battle with low HP)
  • "Busted!" (when attacking)
  • "I'll shoot!" (when attacking)
  • "Freeze!" (when attacking)
  • "Persona!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "It's over!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "Go!" (when summoning a Persona)
  • "Cover me!" (when using Fusion spells)
  • "Secure positions!" (when using Fusion spells)
  • "Hold them down!" (when using Fusion spells)
  • "We'll hear your excuses at the station!" (after winning a battle)
  • "It's self-defense; there's no problem with that! (after winning a battle)
  • "Can you apply the penal code to demons?" (rare victory quote)
  • "Suspect is in custody." (rare victory quote)
  • "You have the right to an attorney." (rare victory quote)
  • "Don't underestimate the police." (rare victory quote)
  • "We'll wait for backup!" (when retreating)
  • "Next time, I will arrest you!" (when retreating)
  • "Eyahhh!" (when KO'ed)
  • "Death in the line of duty..." (game over)
  • "" (game over)


Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Katsuya's portrait from the PSP release of Innocent Sin
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Katsuya's Fusion Spell cut in from Eternal Punishment PSP remake
Katsuya Suou EPP.png
Katsuya Suou from Eternal Punishment PSP remake.
Persona 2 characters.png
Katsuya with the group
Eternal Punishment Portraits
Katsuya's normal portrait
Katsuya's angry portrait
Katsuya's unsure portrait
Katsuya's portrait of him pushing up his glasses
Katsuya's stern portrait
Katsuya's confused portrait
Katsuya's blushing portrait
PERSONA 20th Anniversary Festival
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, P2, 02.png
Persona 20th Anniversary Commemoration Illustrated, 04.png
P4D Tohru Adachi P-color Selection 2 DLC.png
Adachi as Katsuya in Persona 4: Dancing All Night



  • The name Katsuya means "overcome" (克) (katsu) and "how, what, alas, question mark, ?" (哉) (ya).
  • Katsuya's surname Suou means "circumference, lap, surroundings, circuit, vicinity" (周) (su) and "prevention, ward off, defend, protect, resist" (防) (ou).


Katsuya's allergies revealed.

  • In the Japanese versions only, if the player imports the save data of Innocent Sin which has Tatsuya Suou's surname changed to Eternal Punishment before starting a new game, Katsuya's surname will change as well. The same thing also happens to Tatsunoshin Suou.
  • In Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the player can listen in to conversations about Katsuya between two gossipy policewomen by examining the booth in Kounan P.D. covered by curtains.
  • Katsuya shares his equippable weapon list with Maya, with the only difference being that Maya is shown using two guns.
    • This also means that one has to choose whether to give Maya or Katsuya the Legendary Handgun, of which only one copy can be obtained, despite both characters being able to equip it.
  • During a scene in the Subway Underground in Eternal Punishment, Katsuya is mistakenly referred to as Baofu instead as his name in the chatbox for one line.
  • Katsuya's personas are both figures of sunlight and fire, which parallel his younger brother's personas.

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