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Kasuminomori is a location in the Devil Summoner series.



Kasuminomori serves as an alternate entrance to the subterranean shipbuilding facility that Raidou must use to access the facility in Episode 10, as Major General Munakata had the Cannon Battery #4 entrance disabled after Raidou used it to enter the facility during their first confrontation. Upon meeting Rasputin at the Narumi Detective Agency in Tsukudo-Cho, they will witness the launch of the Tai-itsu Satellite. Rasputin will relate that he is no longer under Munakata's employ, and that Raidou must act quickly in order to save the Capital. He will then direct Raidou to Kasuminomori, north of Kasumidai.

Raidou can access the area by using the Flute of Rhone to ride the Large Tarrasque out of Harumi-Cho, then following the southernmost path south of Harumi-Cho and Kasumidai until reaching Kasuminomori. Once there, Raidou can use the blue Shiomitsu Orb and red Chigaeshi Orb that he received from Rasputin in the matching statues to re-enter the shipbuilding facility. Once the orbs are in place, Raidou must have a demon of the Fury Order use Use Force by standing to the right of the red-eyed statue in order to knock it into place. Afterward, Raidou must stand on one of the two squares and have a demon stand atop the opposite one.

An underground entrance will be revealed in the well between the two statues, which Raidou can then take to enter the shipbuilding facility once more.

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