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Karma Society headquarters

"The Karma Society was completely different, in the beginning. It was originally a small group of researchers, funded by the government to study God. When the world was destroyed five years ago, Madame established the Karma Society as we now know it."
—Karma Technical Researcher, Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2

Karma Society (カルマ協会, Karuma Kyoukai)? is an organization in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2. It is responsible for the workings in Junkyard, particularly the awakening of one's Atma.


Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2Edit

The Karma Society began five years ago according to the game's timeline as a small group of researchers, the International Environmental Stabilization Committee, funded by the government. Spearheaded by its administrator, Madame Cuvier, its objective is to study God. In order to communicate with God, the Society searched for children with telepathic abilities, which they dubbed the Cyber Shaman. Many of the children went mad and died, except for the nineteenth candidate, Sera.

Other members of the Society included Jenna Angel, Serph Sheffield and Heat O'Brien. Convinced that they have found the Cyber Shaman in Sera, more experiments were conducted on her, where she revealed that she had talked with God. However, concerned over Sera being used as a tool, Heat tried to convince the other members to care for her emotional well-being.

Events began to unfurl when the researchers found that Sera had created a virtual world of her own, filled with fully-responsive, emotive AIs. Soon, the army intervened with the Society's progress, interested in creating combat efficient AIs that can be installed in chips and transplanted into human beings - dubbed the "Asura Project". Jenna also began concocting plans of her own by strengthening harmless demon data flowing from the Sun's rays, creating the demon virus Atma.

The real catastrophe started, however, when an argument between Serph and Heat resulted in the latter's death. Sera witnessed the murder, and was horrified to know that the man she thought was a kind-hearted soul turned out to become a heartless murderer. Her grief reached into God, which in turn flooded malignant data, turning the Sun black. The sunlight, in turn, transformed everyone outdoors into stone.

Avatar Tuner 2Edit

Five years had passed, and Madame Cuvier is said to be leading the search for a cure to the Cuvier Syndrome, the "disease" that turned man into stone when in contact with the Sun. The virtual world that had been created by Sera was in turn changed into the Junkyard, administered by the Karma Temple. Jenna infiltrated into the VR and installed Atma, giving the AIs the ability to turn into demons.

The Karma Society still attempt to maintain order in the world. Its headquarters within Karma City sheltered a few human beings that did not resist to the rule of the Karma Society. The Society maintains a militia, where its soldiers have the ability to transform into demons to hunt the resistance known as the Lokapala.

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