Kanaru Morimoto is a character in the Persona -trinity soul- anime.



Kanaru Morimoto is a student of Ayanagi City's Naginomori Gakuen high school division. She's a quiet young woman, who struggles with voicing her feelings and has an interest in the concept of Kagenuki. She is friends with Megumi Kayano and Takuro Sakakiba and meets Shin Kanzato on his first day of school. Over the course of the series, she steadily begins to develop feelings for Shin.

Early in the series, Kanaru begins to struggle with what appears to be a growing addiction to kagenuki to the point of developing a following of young men who are interested in performing it with her. Her following calls her Mori, supposedly after the girl who started the trend in Ayanagi. Kanaru's friends catch her in the act of kagenuki and while she promises to stop, she keeps making plans to meet up with them. When her friends spend the night to keep her from going out to meet them, she begins to show symptoms of withdrawal and eventually relapses during school the next day. This is the breaking point for Shin, as he slaps her when he finds out.

Shin's anger and Megumi's support makes Kanaru want to be stronger and when Mayuri Yamazaki, an old friend of hers, offers to perform kagenuki with her, she rejects her and runs off to a local park. There, Shin finds her and holds her, which awakens her persona ability, Astarte. Unlike the members of the Ayanagi Investigation Squad, however, she is not extended an invitation to join by Akihiko Sanada when it is formed, despite having a persona.

As the series reaches its climax, it is revealed that Kanaru is a creation of Keisuke Komatsubara built specifically for the proliferation of kagenuki in order to gather information on Special A Latencies. Members of Marebito refer to her as a doll, treating her as if she has no will of her own, as she can be controlled by the use of certain codewords. After learning this and having skin ripped from her hand to reveal the wires underneath, she struggles with the realization that most of what she's built up as her life are nothing more than illusions.

Komatsubara had set her to automatically deactivate after a certain point, which leads to her death at Shin Kanzato's side.


Kanaru Opening
Kanaru in the second opening of the series
Shin hugging Kanaru
Anime Artwork of Kanaru and Shin Kanzato.
Kanaru caught in the act of Shadow Extraction
Megumi and Kanaru in police outfits
Shin's warning to Kanaru
Kanaru Mori
Kanaru after trying to protect Megumi at the karaoke club
Kanaru's peaceful fate beside Shin
Kanaru Final
Kanaru appears during the final battle

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