Kamui-Moshiri (カムイ・モシリ?) is a Persona in the series.


Kamuy-Mosir (カムィモシㇼ*)? is the mythical abode of Kamui, the spirits or gods worshiped by the Ainu people. The term is the opposite of "Aynu-Mosir" (アィヌモシㇼ*)?, meaning the human world, or specifically the abode of Ainu.



Persona 4 GoldenEdit

Teddie's new ultimate Persona after the protagonist has maxed out his Social Link, and talked to him after 1/10.


Persona 4 GoldenEdit

Arcana Level
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
Star Inherited
Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak
- - Ice Wind, Dark - Electricity
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Mediarama 12 SP Moderately restores party's HP. Innate
Bufula 8 SP Deals medium Ice damage to 1 foe. Innate
Energy Shower 18 SP Cures Exhaustion and Enervation (party). Innate
Poison Skewer 9% HP Deals light Phys damage to 1 foe with a chance of Poison. Innate
Re Patra 3 SP Recovers 1 ally from Knockdown or Dizzy status. Innate
Traesto 18 SP Instantly escape from a dungeon. (Not available during combat) 36
Mabufula 16 SP Deals medium Ice damage to all foes. 38
Ice Boost Passive Strengthens Ice attacks by 25%. 40
Matarukaja 24 SP Increases party's Attack for 3 turns. 42
Ice Break 15 SP Nullifies 1 foe's Ice resistance (for 3 turns). 44
Diarahan 18 SP Fully restores 1 ally's HP. 49
Bufudyne 12 SP Deals heavy Ice damage to 1 foe. 54
Marakukaja 24 SP Increases party's Defense for 3 turns. 58
Amrita 12 SP Cures all ailments except Down and KO (party). 61
Gigantic Fist 16% HP Deals heavy Phys damage to 1 foe. 63
Mabufudyne 22 SP Deals heavy Ice damage to all foes. 67
Mediarahan 30 SP Fully restores party's HP. 70
Ice Amp Passive Strengthens Ice attacks by 50%. 72
Kamui Miracle 25 SP Anything could happen...
1. All allies and/or all foes' HP and SP fully recovered;
2. All allies and/or all foes downed;
3. All allies and/or all foes inflicted with random status ailment;
4. Nothing.
Max SL Winter Event


Teddie - Kamuy-Mosirjpg
Kamui-Moshiri summoned in battle.
Kamui-Moshiri in P4GA
Kamui-Moshiri in Persona 4 The Golden Animation
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