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Shin performs kagenuki on Takuro

Kagenuki (影抜き*)? is a term used in Persona -trinity soul-.


Kagenuki is the practice of forcefully drawing out someone's Persona by manifesting the practitioners' Shadow into a Persona. In the anime, kagenuki has become a popular practice by students in Ayanagi City's Naginomori Gakuen. Kagenuki is treated as a way to relieve stress and described as giving a euphoric feeling, similar to taking drugs. Rumors have it as being introduced by a mysterious figure called Mori.

The anime's protagonist, Shin Kanzato, is introduced to the concept of it by Takuro Sakakiba, but when trying it he actually manifests Takuro's persona as well as his own—something Takuro had never had happen during a kagenuki before.

Their classmate, Megumi Kayano is strongly opposed to the concept, viewing it as dangerous after her upperclassman Yumi Tasaka is attacked and suffers from PTSD. There have also been rumors of incidents where entire groups of students would disappear after performing it.

The practice of kagenuki was designed by the members of Marebito, a group of rogue Persona users, and spread by Kanaru Morimoto. Through the process of kagenuki, members of Marebito were able to tell which people had potentially strong Personas that could be consumed. Thanks to the information gathered through this, the number of Reverse cases increased.


The term kage means shadow, while nuki is derived from nuku/nukeru, meaning to extract/draw out/pull out/remove. Hence, the term kagenuki tends to be translated as "Shadow Pulling" or "Shadow Extraction."

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