"We won't yield to demons. We'll keep struggling as hard as we can until we burn ourselves out."
—Kaga confronting Xi Wangmu, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Kaga is a character from Shin Megami Tensei IV who appears in the modern world Tokyo.

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Personality Edit

Kaga is a confident woman who staunchly believes in the strength of the Ring of Gaea members, looking down upon those not part of their ranks. Nonetheless, she respects and recognizes individuals with potential.

Her confidence and firm stance is openly admired by Isabeau.

Profile Edit

Kaga is first met in the outskirts of Ikebukuro. Along with the other Ring Of Gaea members, she is currently on a quest to slay Xi Wangmu and reclaim Ikebukuro for humanity, but cannot pass the demon barrier. She tells the party that the only way to remove it is by using the Jirae Clan Talisman. If Flynn has the aforementioned item in his possession, Walter will prod him to use it.

Kaga expresses gratitude for their assistance in lifting the barrier. Before taking her leave however, she warns the group that there will be serious consequences if they try to interfere with the Ring Of Gaea's affairs.

The party runs into Kaga again in Sunshine 60, Xi Wangmu's domain. She enlists their aid in fighting a couple of Qing Niuguai guarding the inner sanctum. The party fights one and Kaga takes on the other by herself.

Even with the combined forces of the Samurai and the Gaeans, Xi Wangmu shrugs off the attacks, taking little to no damage. In desperation, Kaga goes all out, but is mortally wounded and later eaten alive along with the others. Determined to show everyone what the Ring of Gaea is made of and that one should struggle no matter what, Kaga and her comrades continue fighting even inside Xi Wangmu's belly, weakening the demon in the process. Kaga dies along with Xi Wangmu after Flynn's party defeats the latter.

Talking to a Ring of Gaea member reveals she was originally born and raised in Ikebukuro until the Ashura-kai tried to make her parents hand her over to be raised by them. Her parents aided her in escaping and she eventually ended up at the Ring of Gaea's temple. For this reason she desires vengeance on the Ashura-kai.

Etymology Edit

Kaga (kanji: 加賀) was an old province of Japan. It is also a common Japanese family name.

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