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The Junkyard (ジャンクヤード, Jyankuyādo)? is the setting of Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.

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The Junkyard is a barren world whose inhabitants are divided into warring tribes. Each tribe controls a sector of the Junkyard; the entire Junkyard falls under the jurisdiction of the Karma Temple.

It is revealed in the second game that the Junkyard was, at some point or another, actually a virtual paradise which Sera created where she could get away from the painful experiments she faced in the real world. After she witnesses Heat O'Brien's death at the hands of the real Argilla, the Junkyard turned from the paradise which it was into something much more reminiscent of a hell. Many of the AIs in the Junkyard are based on her real world perception of the scientists and test subjects around her.

At the very end of the game, Jenna Angel appeared at the shrine at the top of the Karma Temple, and using a control sphere, commenced deletion of the Junkyard, vaporizing any leftover survivors below. While she was defeated and the sphere shattered, the Junkyard's destruction became inevitable. The sole survivors of the Junkyard program were the Embryon Tribe, Jenna Angel and Sera.

In Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, it is noted by Serph that all those who reside in the Junkyard are muscular and fit for battle, even those who are considered non-combatants and run places like the supply stations.

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