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Junk Shop Manikin bust shot by Kazuma Kaneko

The Junk Shop Manikin (ガラクタ集めマネカタ店主, Garakuta atsume manekata tenshu)? is a character in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Junk Shop Manikin is one of the few Manikins who have some distinctive abilities, in his case, running a business. He shares these trait with the Collector Manikin, who also opens shops of his own in Asakusa and the Tower of Kagutsuchi. From Ikebukuro onwards, he takes charge of the Junk Shop chain after its previous "owner," the Jack Frost identifying himself as Heeho, left in his quest. He also introduced the Lucky Ticket mechanic.

He often exaggerates his mannerisms and proclaims his pride in his "alternative lifestyle." Despite these affectations implying he is actually gay, he will ask if the Demi-Fiend considers him a "queer" when shopping in Ikebukuro, and will instantly get offended for those assumptions.

Also, he does not seem to care, or notice, the death/disappearance of the manikins after Chiaki and the Mantra's massacre, like the Collector Manikin.

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