Jungo's Cat is a cat that Jungo Torii found during the invasion. 



Pachislot Nagoya Characters

Jungo's cat being carried by Airi.

The cat appears to be a regular cat with orange fur, though in the pachinko slot version his fur is brown coloured.


The cat is fond of Jungo, his owner. He even eats Jungo's chawanmushi when Jungo decided to free him.


Devil Survivor 2Edit

The cat only appears in Jungo's Fate System. Jungo and the Protagonist found him injured and had Otome treat him. Otome then suggested to give the cat a name, so Jungo suggested the cat to be named after him, but Otome reminded him that it would cause a confusion. Depending on the player's choices, the cat can be named Cookie, Buttons, or Jungo.  At the end of Jungo's Fate quest, Jungo let the cat go at the Cemetery since it will be safer for him so he won't be attacked by demons because of him.

In the Triumphant ending, Jungo has adopted the cat and is seen together with him and Keita when selling his chawanmushi.

Record BreakerEdit

The cat once again appears in Jungo's Fate System. After Jungo regained his memories of the previous world, he started to miss his cat and wishes he can meet him again. This wish is granted near the end of his Fate route where the Protagonist found Jungo surrounded by his cat along with his family. In the Record Breaker ending, Jungo adopts the cat as the cat is seen accompanying Jungo while he is working in his cafe.

The AnimationEdit

Although the cat doesn't actually appear, it's possible he appears in 3rd Day Tuesday's Disquiet where he's amongst the cats at a shop where Jungo and Airi stay for the night. It is also somewhat likely that Jungo's cat was the inspiration for giving both Airi and Jungo cat-related demons (Cait Sith and Neko Shogun respectively).


  • The cat also appears in the ending sequence if Jungo's still alive where he's sitting on Jungo's shoulder.
  • In the manga, the cat shares Jungo's name.

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