"You can't catch him? More like, you can't be bothered to catch him, right? You never bothered trying to catch that culprit who killed mom...that goddamn Owada!"
—Akane Hasegawa berating Zenkichi, Persona 5 Strikers

Jun Owada is a character from Persona 5 Strikers.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jun Owada isn't any different from Masayoshi Shido in terms of personality, being incredibly ignorant and malicious. His connections with Shido made him above the law and police force, allowing him to evade law enforcement even when he accidentially ran over Aoi Hasegawa while drunk driving. He also isn't far from blackmailing or bribing the police.

By the time of the game, he was requesting change of hearts from Akira Konoe so he can become Shido's successor, and he was also receiving bribes from Madicce. What sets him apart and prevents him from being actually threatening is that he doesn't have any power or backing while Konoe clearly has, allowing Konoe to take advantage of his ignorance to advance his goal. He also has less control over the police unlike Shido, allowing Kaburagi and Zenkichi to turn on him as soon as they see fit.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Owada is a corrupt senator and Diet member who lobbied for Masayoshi Shido's campaign before and is attempting to compete for prime minister. In order to fulfill his goals, he cooperated with Akira Konoe to remove his political opponents (many of them being scandal-ridden politicians themselves), with the former mayor of Sapporo being one of them. Police officers suspected of opposing Owada also got their heart changed by Konoe, and all of the victims happened to set foot on Osaka where Konoe's Jail is present.

Two years ago, he killed Aoi Hasegawa, Akane Hasegawa's mother while drunk-driving and covered up the murder with his secretary taking the blame, who quickly committed suicide. While Aoi's husband, Zenkichi Hasegawa, attempted to investigate using the Police's name, Shido's backing prevented him from actually investigating his involvement. As Zenkichi didn't hold his daughter Akane at a high regard and the police is barred from investigation, she came to resent all law enforcement in general.

During the story, he and the National Police Agency Head (who was brainwashed by Konoe) bribes Miyako Kaburagi with a seat as the Public Safety Bureau general to capture the Phantom Thieves of Hearts per Konoe's orders because he considered them terrorists for hacking into EMMA and claimed that they killed the King of Okinawa. In reality, both claims are fabrications and are simply used to justify his crusade, and Konoe is only using him and he will be the only one who enforces justice via EMMA. Kaburagi, while having second thoughts, is determined to enforce justice. This was foiled when Zenkichi Hasegawa used himself as a decoy and Sae Niijima freed him quickly. UPon hearing the failure, Konoe turned to EMMA for advice. She told him not to rely on police to catch the Phantom Thieves, and advises him to use "a Jail owned by the Phantom Thieves' associate" to capture them. Konoe agrees with her proposal, putting Akane in the crossfire while being kept ignorant about Akane by EMMA.

At the end of the game, Kaburagi and Zenkichi arrest him for multiple charges, including accepting bribes from Madicce, tax evasion, accidentally murdering Aoi while drunk driving and covering the incident up. Suspicions also rose that he supported a treasonous group that terrorized Japan 2 years ago and had ordered the secretary's murder. With his arrest and the Conspiracy officially labeled as an Antisocial Force, his plan of being Shido's successor falls null and void.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Jun (純) means "pure" in Japanese and Owada (大和田) could mean "big rice field of peace".

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