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Jun is the younger brother of Ryo Kanzato and Shin Kanzato. He moves back to his childhood home of Ayanagi City with Shin in the beginning of the series and starts to attend Naginomori's middle school division. He's the peacekeeper of the family, softening tensions between Ryo and Shin's conflicting personalities, but he's often pulled into the middle of things as Shin feels the need to protect Jun from what he feels are Ryo's callous actions. Jun is a large reason why Shin wanted to move back to Ayanagi City, as he was being bullied in their old school.

He was born as a twin, but during the incident that engulfed Ayanagi City ten years ago and killed their parents, his sister, Yuki Kanzato passed away and part of her brain was used to replace damaged parts of Jun's by the surgeon Keisuke Komatsubara. This was the first decision Ryo had to make as Jun's guardian and one that he still feels a great sense of guilt over. Jun's forehead still has a scar from the procedure. He also speaks with Yuki and in earlier episodes, they can be heard talking together when they're alone.

Jun is perceptive on a psychic level, often being able to pick out what others around him are thinking, reading Megumi Kayano's painful past memories while on their overnight trip and picking up on the source of the disturbances within the school, helping Mayuri Yamazaki calm her violent persona. This is his persona's ability and one that makes him a major target for Marebito, who need something to replace their dwindling supply of Persona Suppressors, which his ability would do.

When Jun is injured during a confrontation with Soutarou Senou, he meets Ayane Komatsubara in his dreams. As they talk together, he begins to grow more distant from his friends, which worries Shin. As they meet more and more frequently, Jun expresses his desire to be alone and on a date to the fair, Ayane grants him his wish through a kiss that separates him from his body and returns him to Ryo in the other world, leaving Yuki to occupy his body.

After the series ends, Jun is returned to his body and continues his studies in the dormitory for Naginomori Gakuen while Shin moves on to college.


Shin Jun and Ryo
Artwork of the Kanzato Brothers. With Shin Hugging Jun
Jun Child
Jun as a child
Jun Life Support
Jun's operation as a child
Jun at the hospital
Jun Whales Feather
Jun falls asleep over his parents' picture book
Jun Wish
Ayane separates Jun and Yuki
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