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Judgement 1999 is a casino that the party can go visit and gamble money.

Mini GamesEdit


One Hand Swords

  • Tanto (2,600 coins) Weapon for the protagonist and Eriko.
  • Dirk (3,600 coins) Weapon for the protagonist and Eriko.
  • Luna Blade (3,400 coins) Weapon for the protagonist and Eriko.
  • Close Knife (23,000 coins) Weapon for the protagonist and Eriko.
  • Back Sword (2,800 coins) Weapon for the protagonist and Eriko.

Two Handed Swords

  • Sonic Sword (4,000 coins) Weapon for Nanjo
  • Soul Sword (11,300 coins) Weapon for Nanjo
  • Ice Sword (50,000 coins) Weapon for Nanjo
  • Eye Sword (65,000 coins) Weapon for Nanjo
  • Bowie (32,000 coins) Weapon for Nanjo


  • Glass Sword (1,800 coins) Weapon for Brown
  • Zamba Sword (4,000 coins) Weapon for Brown
  • Sleep Sword (10,000 coins) Weapon for Brown
  • Light Sword (25,000 coins) Weapon for Brown
  • Evil Sword (70,000 coins) Weapon for Brown


  • Guillotine (2,000 coins) Weapon for Mark
  • Basher (7,400 coins) Weapon for Mark
  • Metal Axe (10,500 coins) Weapon for Mark
  • Paraxe (33,600 coins) Weapon for Mark
  • Medusa Axe (44,000 coins) Weapon for Mark


  • Scopio Whip (1,200 coins) Weapon for Ayase
  • Elec Whip (3,700 coins) Weapon for Ayase
  • Charm Whip (5,800 coins) Weapon for Ayase
  • EvilWhip (14,000 coins): Weapon for Ayase
  • ParaWhip (17,500 coins): Weapon for Ayase


  • Delta Storm (2,100 coins) Weapon for Maki
  • Gunfist (2,300 coins) Weapon for Maki
  • Star Gzer (7,000 coins) Weapon for Maki
  • Laser Bow (15,000 coins) Weapon for Maki
  • LightBow (26,800 coins) Weapon for Maki


  • Metal Gloves (2,200 coins) Weapon for Reiji
  • Mega Glove (7,000 coins) Weapon for Reiji
  • Elec Glove (9,500 coins) Weapon for Reiji
  • KingGlove (25,000 coins): Weapon for Reiji
  • BlindBlow (35,000 coins): Weapon for Reiji


  • 9mm Gun (2,100 coins)
  • M10 (2,000 coins)
  • M500 (2,500 coins)
  • AK47 (2,100 coins)
  • Shot Shell (1,000 coins)
  • Blind Shot (2,000 coins)
  • Wearyshot (3,000 coins)
  • Cupid Shot (4,000 coins)
  • Silver Tip (5,000 coins)


  • Shadow Mask (2,000 coins)
  • Dark Coat (3,000 coins)
  • Dark Glove (1,200 coins)
  • Black Shoes (1,000 coins)

Tips for winning coinsEdit

In the Playstation Classic version of Revelations: Persona, there is a save state feature that allows the player to cheat at video poker, when the player wins the game, the player will be presented to play the double or nothing, they can then use the Save State feature by pressing the reset button on the Playstation Classic so they can double the coins they win. The player can win up to 1,000,000 coins before the game is over. This is used to make money by buying prizes and selling them for GP which allows them to get powerful weapons and stock up on healing items early on in the game.

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