"I shall show you the power of the fearless lions of the Singh family!"
—Judah, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Judah Singh is a summoner of the Phantom Society. He uses a saxophone-type COMP.



A highly proud Gurkha. Questions the significance of his own existence, so he follows the organization's instructions and fights. Judah was born in Nepal with a large family. He joined the Phantom Society in order to support them.

In the second Vision Quest, he gets sent by Nishi to exterminate the problem in Amami Airport brought about by the Manitou Net, which is still under construction. Along the way he comes across a fellow society member who tells him that that since the airport's locked down, Judah will have to unlock the Administrative counters in order to get to the security room. He can explain how demon personalities work to one of his men along the way. In the Administrative Corridor, he encounters Rei Reiho. Since Rei is trying to stop the Phantom Society, they get into a battle. Judah nearly gets killed, but Rei stops at the last second, saying that Judah truly has good intentions, and that he can change.

When he reaches the airport's control room, where Manitou Net has infected the computers, he finds the spirit Winpe. Judah defeats him, but Winpe survives in the computer and attempts to self-destruct. He ends up having to sacrifice himself. His spirit can be heard when the protagonist goes to the Airport, asking if he was mistaken. His spirit then guides the protagonist to his broken COMP and he asks him to use his demons if they are still there, with his last words being to ask him how he should have lived his life before disappearing.

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