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Jouin High School

Jouin High School (縄印学園, Jouin Gakuen)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei V.


Jouin High School's emblem

Jouin High School is a dormitory-based high school the protagonist attends, located in Shinagawa.

Jouin High School's emblem resembles a gecko overlaid on top of a pentagram, surrounded by a Japanese shimenawa.[1] The entire logo is colored gold. Students have an option between more classic (navy blue gakurans and sailor fukus) or modern (navy blue blazers, white shirts with blue accents, and gray plaid slacks or skirts) style uniforms, while the school gym uniform is a pale aqua in color. No matter the style, all the uniforms have a white satsuki azaleas motif on them.[1]

In attempts to kidnap the students and take their Knowledge or absorb their Magatsuhi, demons at one point raid the school. Lahmu is among these, seeking out Sahori Itsukishima to increase his power. After scouring the halls and fighting his way through, the protagonist and Tao Isonokami find Sahori confronting and killing her bullies under Lahmu's influence. Afterward, he drags Sahori to Da'at, seeking to become one with her there and resulting in the protagonist and Tao pursuing Lahmu in order to save Sahori and the rest of the abducted students.

Known Students[]


Level Race Demon HP Phys Fire Ice Elec Force Light Dark Res Skills Drop
17 Drake Aitvaras ???? - Nul Wk - - - - Res:Poison Mirage Shot, Lunge Life Stone, Revival Bead
18 Jirae Tsuchigumo ???? - - Wk Res - - - Wk:Charm, Res:Poison Bouncing Claw, Mazio Revival Bead
18 Fallen Andras ???? - - Nul Wk - Wk - Res:Charm Poisma, Sukukaja Life Stone
20 Jaki Rakshasa ???? - - Wk - - Res Res Wk:Sleep Venom Chaser, Counter Life Stone
20 Night Incubus ???? - - - Wk Res - - Res:Sleep, Nul:Charm Dream Needle, Life Drain Life Stone, Amrita Soda
21 Brute Oni ???? Res - - Wk - Wk - Wk:Sleep/Confusion Heavy Blow, Crusher Onslaught Life Stone
22 Femme Manananggal ???? - - - - - Wk Nul Res:Mirage/Charm Sanguine Drain, Zanma Chakra Drop
22 Brute Shiki-Ouji ???? Res Wk - - Wk Res Res Wk:Confusion Hama, Mudo Life Stone, Light Gem


  • The school's emblem has symbolism which points to their role in the game.[1] The gecko may refer to Lahmu and his involvement on the raid of the school, as his true form resembles a gecko.


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