José is a non-playable character from Persona 5 Royal. José helps the Phantom Thieves of Hearts by creating items using flowers.



José is a small young boy with gray hair in a shape of a half egg shell, and yellow eyes. He wears a white-grayish raincoat and boots with stars and moon motifs, black leggings and gloves. José also wears his goggles around his neck.


José is a mysterious being taking the form of a boy, who only appears in Mementos. He is trying to understand humans, and can create accessories or items using flowers. He also requests the collection of stamps around Mementos. Once all stamps are collected including the new section, he will be awaiting in the cognition control room. If the party talks to him there, he will reveal that he always forgot about the nature of humans and request the party to fight him in order to give him an experience. In fight, he will use magic grenades and try to run over the party with his car. If he is defeated, he will still not remember what humans are although he could recognize that humanity never gives up.

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