Jose is a non-playable character from Persona 5 Royal. He helps the Phantom Thieves of Hearts by selling items in exchange for special flowers found only in Mementos.



Jose resembles a small young boy around a head taller than Morgana. He has gray hair in a shape of a half egg shell, yellow eyes, and ears that are very round and unusually undefined in shape. He wears an oversized white-grayish raincoat and boots with stars and moon motifs, black leggings and gloves. Jose also wears his goggles around his neck.


Persona 5 RoyalEdit

Jose is a mysterious being taking the form of a boy, who only appears in Mementos. He is trying to understand humans under the promise of a "certain person," and is converting the flowers found in it into juice, and he believes drinking it will help his understanding. He collects flowers from the party by trading items and accessories in exchange. He appears to have a great understanding of Mementos, having learned how to use a hammer to hit "pressure points" that change the structure of the Palace. He will use it in return for stamps found around Mementos. During the first time meeting the party, Jose grants the protagonist a wishing star, which becomes the source which enables all Showtime unisons.

Once approximately 123 stamps are collected, including those in the Path of Da'at, he will be awaiting in the cognition control room. If the party talks to him there, he will reveal that he's stuck in his progress to learn the nature of humans, and request the party to fight him in order to give him an experience of "venting". In the fight, he will use magic grenades, try to run over the party with his car and launch almighty fireworks. When he is defeated, he will state that he still does not understand humans, although he recognizes that humanity never gives up, and thanks the party for the experience. Satisfied, he believes he can now go back to "that person" whenever he wants. When the Phantom Thieves inquire on the individual Jose speaks of, he remarks that there are more people observing humanity than they might realize.

It was later revealed that the wishing star given by Jose has been drained of all of its power by giving Morgana his helicopter form, allowing the party and Maruki to escape Maruki's Palace. Due to losing its luster in the process, the unison Showtimes can no longer be performed.

Jose also acts as the tutorial and FAQ character of Thieves Den.


Main article: Jose's Shop

During their exploration in Mementos, the Phantom Thieves are able to collect flowers and stamps, and trade them with Jose for items and bonuses from battle.


Jose Boss Fight ENGLISH - Persona 5 Royal

Jose Boss Fight ENGLISH - Persona 5 Royal

Jose boss fight.

Jose will start the battle using Drift, a highly powerful physical attack, so the protagonist should enter the battle with a Persona that blocks Physical. However, past this point, he is a straightforward boss who doesn't possess any gimmicks other than a wide variety of area of effect skills and some status skills (that he prefers to use if he has any one mores). Unlike most bosses in this game, Jose only has one action per turn. His bulk also isn't particularly remarkable.

The party may fight him in any strategy they prefer, although Physical oriented party members or Personas should be avoided as he possesses physical resistance, and at least the protagonist should null Confuse in order to avoid property loss. When his HP reaches below one-third, he may also spend an extra turn to use Launch. Remember to have every party member guard once he does this, since he will use the next turn to use Special Fireworks, an attack that does around 1000 damage unguarded, usually enough to wipe out the entire party without fail.

Despite being a friendly battle, losing to Jose in Mementos will result in a a standard Game Over.


Persona 5 Royal
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Jose portraits
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Jose in Mementos
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Jose with the protagonist
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Arcana Level HP SP
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
- ?? 10,000
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
Rs - - - - - - - - - -
EXP Yen Material Drop Skill Card
~20000 ~90000 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Drift Heavy Physical damage to all foes.
Fire Ball Heavy Fire damage to all foes.
Snow Ball Heavy Ice damage to all foes.
Volt Ball Heavy Elec damage to all foes.
Gale Ball Heavy Wind damage to all foes.
Psy Ball Heavy Psy damage to all foes.
Nuke Ball Heavy Nuke damage to all foes.
Bless Ball Heavy Bless damage to all foes.
Curse Ball Heavy Curse damage to all foes.
Confuse Ball High change of inflicting Confusion to all foes.
Launch Prepare for Special Fireworks. Does not use up a turn.
Special Fireworks Colossal Almighty damage to all foes after preparing with Launch on the previous turn.


  • He thinks that the juice made from the flowers of Path of Da'at tastes bad and "staticy" due to the influences on humans by the Final Palace.
  • He mistakes Morgana as a Tanuki, much like Sophia after him.


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