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Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin OST Joker

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin OST Joker

Original PS1 version

Joker is a song featured in Persona 2: Innocent Sin. It serves as the debut song of the fictitious idol group MUSES of the game. The song was sung by Hiroko Konishi, Lisa Silverman's Japanese voice actress. The original composer and singer of the PSP remake are unspecified, but the arranger of the PSP version is credited to Atsushi Kitajoh.


  • Original Soundtrack of PSX version: disc 2 track 50
  • Original Soundtrack of PSP remake: disc 2 track 48 (PSX original version); disc 4 track 20 (PSP remake)


(Dial J, Dial J) 心晴れない
(Dial J, Dial J) 明日が見えない
(Dial J, Dial J) 夢が見えない


貴方の言葉 悔しくて



(Call a JOKER right now!) 私何故生きてるの?
(Call a JOKER right now!) なんのため生きてるの?
(Call a JOKER right now!) 無くした夢取り戻そう

天使の羽貰って飛び立とう! Oh yeah!

天に瞬く昴の星に 止まった時は動き出す
享楽の舞 影達の宴
異国の歌 贖罪の迎え火は天を照らし
そして 時は繰り返す

(Dial J, dial J) kokoro hare nai
(Dial J, dial J) ashita ga mie nai
(Dial J, dial J) yume ga mie nai

watashi o oi te iku toki no nagare
hada de kanji te tasogare ni tatazumu no

"kawara nai mono nante nai yo"
anata no kotoba kuyashiku te

DAIARU hitotsu no hosoi kizuna
marude GARASU zaiku da ne

"ima doko ni iru no?"
hontouni kiki tai koto ha
chigau koto

(Call a JOKER right now!) watashi naze iki teru no?
(Call a JOKER right now!) nan no tame iki teru no?
(Call a JOKER right now!) nakushi ta yume torimodoso u

tenshi no hane morat te tobitato u! Oh yeah!

[Monologue of Oracle of Maia]

(Dial J Dial J) heart is dark
(Dial J Dial J) can't see tomorrow
(Dial J Dial J) can't dream

You leave me behind, the flow of time
I know first hand and I stand in the twilight

"There is nothing that doesn't change"
Your words are regretful

Dialing is the one thin bond [between us]
It's fragile like glasswork

"Where are you now?"
What I really want to ask is
Something else

(Call a Joker right now!) why am I alive?
(Call a Joker right now!) what do I live for?
(Call a Joker right now!) I'll take back my lost dream

I'll take an angel's wings and fly away! Oh yeah!

[Monologue of Oracle of Maia]

  • Translation by Innocent Sin fans translation project "Oracle of Maiya".


The lyric strongly encourages the audiences to call the Joker whenever they feel depressed of achieving something they are incapable of. The monologue of Oracle of Maia in full content, albeit unknowingly, is recited by Lisa Silverman for spreading the prophecy to a wider populace. Also the last line of the lyric hints the transformation of Joker into Angel Joker.

This song is also performed in the Eternal Punishment universe by Muses but without reciting the Oracle of Maia.

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