Jinbocho in Persona 5

Jinbocho (神保町, Jinbōchō)? is a location in Persona 5.


Jinbocho is a real-life location located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and served by the Jinbocho Station. Jinbocho, also spelled as Jimbocho, is known as a book town and the location of most publishing houses that are popular in Japan. Because of its close proximity to office buildings, it is frequented by 'salarymen' at lunch times. The large number of antique bookstores as well as small bookshops and cafes are concentrated along the boulevard.



Persona 5Edit

Jinbocho is one of the shop areas on the Tokyo map. It is unlocked by either: reading Musty Pages, a magazine bought in Shibuya's Taiheido bookstore; reaching Rank 4 of Hifumi Togo's Confidant; accepting Makoto Niijima's invitation on August 15th. It features 'Nagiuri Bookstore': one of the bookstores where the protagonist may buy more books towards unlocking the 'Bookworm' trophy.

Significant Confidant events include:

  • Visit with Hifumi Togo to receive the King Piece decoration for the protagonist's shelf.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

After reading every book, "Knowing the Heart" becomes available for purchase for 12,000 yen. Reading it unlocks more Technical combinations during battle.


  • The development team for Devil Survivor used Jinbocho as the basis for the in-game Kanda location.

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