Jin is a character in the Devil Children series of games.



Jin is obsessed with demons and loves to play the game Battlenet. He claims his demons are unstoppable.


Jin is a DemiKid and is able to summon demons to do his bidding. He is friends with Akira. His demon partner is Rand, a Sol Cat. In the manga, Jin is considered to be of the Law-Light alignment.

DemiKids Light VersionEdit

The protagonist of Light Version, Jin is a young boy that is fascinated with demons. Together with Lena, Akira and Amy Kashihara, he summons a demon in their school's library and defeats it with the power of a Demiloc given to him by Amy. Thanks to the demon, he discovers his world, Rem, is being threatened by the appearance of time rifts and journeys to Amy's world, Valhalla, to search for a way to stop them. There, he joins the rebels led by Drail and Shin in the search for time chains to dispel the rifts, drawing him into a confrontation with Imperius.

Devil Children: Fire BookEdit

Jin goes off on a quest to find out who is behind the angels and demons appearing on earth, eventually heading off for Tenkai to find the Lena and the other children kidnapped by the angels.


Jin in Messiah Riser
Jin's sprite in DemiKids Light
Jin subdued in DemiKids Light
Jin worked up in DemiKids Light
Jin in Devil Children: Light & Dark
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