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Jazz Jin (じゃずじん, Jazu Jin)? is a location and mechanic in Persona 5 Royal.



Jazz Jin is a club in Kichijoji. The protagonist can enter during the night by paying a 3,000 yen fee, and is able to bring a party member to drink cocktails together, which boosts their Confidant points, with the amount being able to be increased via multipliers, such as having a Persona of the same Arcana, and scoring high on exams. In addition, their battle properties can be modified: each party member's stats can be boosted depending on the day of the week, and they are also able to learn skills, which change depending on the week.

Ranking Goro Akechi's Confidant to Rank 4 is required to unlock this facility for regular use. It can be accessed as early as June 26. For more information on progressing his Confidant, see Confidant/Goro Akechi.

The club serves different cocktails depending on the day of the week. In addition, Saturday rotates between Monday and Friday's cocktails every week.

Day of the Week Cocktail Benefits
Monday Mightini Level-up (+1) & and HP-up (+20)
Tuesday Power Fizz Strength, Endurance and Luck boosted
Wednesday Soultini Level-up (+1) & and SP-up (+10)
Thursday Magic Fizz Magic, Agility, and Luck boosted
Friday Omni Fizz Strength, Magic, Endurance, Speed, Luck/HP +10/SP +5
Saturday Rotates between Monday through Friday Cocktails
Sunday Original Cocktail Party member's Persona learns new skill, varies every week

Live Singer Schedule[]

There are scheduled nights when a live singer comes to perform at Jazz Jin. If a party member comes during one of those nights, the effects of their cocktail will be doubled. The singer never visits on Saturdays or Sundays.

By principle, the singer always visits on the first Monday, second Tuesday, and so on until the fifth Friday of the month.

Date Weekday
July 4 Monday
July 12 Tuesday
July 28 Thursday
July 29 Friday
August 1 Monday
August 9 Tuesday
August 17 Wednesday
August 25 Thursday
September 5 Monday
September 21 Wednesday
September 22 Thursday
September 30 Friday
October 3 Monday
November 7 Monday
November 8 Tuesday
November 16 Wednesday
December 5 Monday
December 13 Tuesday
December 22 Thursday
January 18 Wednesday
January 26 Thursday

Saturday Cocktail Schedule[]

On Saturday, the cocktails served will rotate every week, around those from Monday to Friday. By principle, the first Saturday (July 2) serves a Tuesday cocktail.

Early on, if a cocktail is unavailable due to a story event, the cocktail will be postponed until next week, although the schedule eventually stops rotating around certain rules.

Date Cocktail Served
July 2 Tuesday
July 9 Wednesday
July 16 Event Day
July 23 Event Day
July 30 Friday
August 6 Monday
August 13 Tuesday
August 20 Wednesday
August 27 Thursday
September 3 Friday
September 10 Event Day
September 17 Event Day
September 24 Monday
October 1 Tuesday
October 8 Wednesday
October 15 Thursday
October 22 Friday
October 29 Event Day
November 5 Monday
November 12 Tuesday
November 19 Event Day
November 26 Thursday
December 3 Friday
December 10 Monday
December 17 Friday
December 24 Event Day
December 31 Event Day
January 7 Event Day
January 14 Tuesday
January 21 Wednesday
January 28 Thursday

Sunday Cocktail Skills[]

When a party member drinks Sunday's cocktail, they'll gain a new battle skill depending on the week they've come to visit. However, as Futaba is a Navigator, she follows a different system: she can learn four specific skills from the club at any time, but she needs to visit multiple times in order to learn all of them.

During New Game+, any skills learned in a previous playthrough can be relearned by taking the party member to the church in Kanda for a confessional.

Party Member Skills[]

Date Skill Effect
June 26 Tetrakarn Create a shield on 1 ally to repel 1 Phys attack.
July 3 Matarukaja Increase party’s Attack power for 3 turns.
July 10 Event Day
July 17 Marakukaja Increase party’s Defense for 3 turns.
July 24 Event Day
July 31 Masukukaja Increase party’s Agility for 3 turns.
August 7 Matarunda Decrease all foes’ Attack power for 3 turns.
August 14 Marakunda Decrease all foes’ Defense for 3 turns.
August 21 Event Day
August 28 Masukunda Decrease all foes’ Agility for 3 turns.
September 4 Charge Multiply user’s next Phys attack damage by 2.5.
September 11 Event Day
September 18 Event Day
September 25 Concentrate Multiply user’s next magical attack damage by 2.5.
October 2 Tetrakarn Create a shield on 1 ally to repel 1 Phys attack.
October 9 Matarukaja Increase party’s Attack power for 3 turns.
October 16 Marakukaja Increase party’s Defense for 3 turns.
October 23 Masukukaja Increase party’s Agility for 3 turns.
October 30 Makarakarn Create a shield on 1 ally to repel 1 magical attack.
November 6 Matarunda Decrease all foes’ Attack power for 3 turns.
November 13 Marakunda Decrease all foes’ Defense for 3 turns.
November 20 Event Day
November 27 Masukunda Decrease all foes’ Agility for 3 turns.
December 4 Heat Riser Increase 1 ally’s Attack, Defense, and Agility for 3 turns.
December 11 Debilitate Decrease 1 foe’s Attack, Defense, and Agility for 3 turns.
December 18 Event Day
December 25 Event Day
January 1 Event Day
January 8 Event Day
January 15 Ali Dance Halves hit rate of all incoming attacks.
January 22 Arms Master Halves HP cost when using physical skills.
January 29 Spell Master Halves SP cost when using magic skills.

Navigator Skills[]

Visit Skill Effect
1 Support Plus 1 Chance to trigger Masukunda.
2 Support Plus 2 Chance to trigger Masukunda and Marakunda.
3 Support Plus 3 Chance to trigger Masukunda, Marakunda, and Matarunda.
4 Support Rate Up Moral Support is activated more frequently.

Available time on the Calendar[]

See also: Calendar/Persona 5#Persona 5 Royal

322 stat points can be received overall, approximately above each party member's base stat total on Level 99. For most party members, Strength and Endurance can be boosted by 59 points each, Magic and Agility can be boosted by 58, and Luck by 88. In total, the max HP can be boosted by 970, and the SP by 425.

Because of these circumstances, most party members' base stats are able to be maximized to 99, only criteria being that they're leveled up to Level 99 and that only party members is focused on at a time.

Haru, Akechi and Sumire don't have enough time to have all their stats maximized. Haru's case is close, as she is only unable to have her Endurance and Agility maximized by 6 and 5 points respectively, and even then will require all possible opportunities to visit Jazz Jin.

Weekday Available Nights Available Saturdays Singer Nights Total points (per stat)
Monday 24 4 6 34
Tuesday 22 4 4 30
Wednesday 19 5 4 28
Thursday 20 4 5 29
Friday 22 5 2 29

Weekday Available Nights Available Saturdays Singer Nights Total points (per stat)
Monday 13 3 3 19
Tuesday 12 2 3 17
Wednesday 12 3 2 17
Thursday 12 3 3 18
Friday 13 1 3 17

Strategies on maximizing stats[]

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* Do Akechi's stat increases get passed between Niijima's Palace and Maruki's Palace?

This can be discussed on the article's talk page.

The pattern to follow when establishing priority in maximizing stats is: Fridays to maximize all stats → Tuesdays and Thursdays to maximize separate stats → Maximize the remaining Luck stat by visiting either on Tuesdays or Thursdays. This pattern will minimize time needed to visit Jazz Jin while ensuring all stats are covered.

The strategy also puts singer nights and Saturday cocktails into consideration, however for Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ryuji's the only party member who needs to have these cases exploited to maximize his respective Tuesday/Thursday stats (Thursdays in particular for Ryuji.) Otherwise, party members can be brought on Tuesdays and Thursdays liberally.

Every available Friday needs to be visited. Because of this, Akechi's Confidant needs to reach Rank 4 before July 1st, the first available Friday in Jazz Jin. A Tuesday and Thursday night can be missed out on during this period, but those aren't detrimental for either party member.

Character Tuesday Thursday Friday Luck Days (TU/TH) Total
Morgana 21 6 29 0 56
Ryuji 0 27 29 1 57
Ann 15 14 29 0 58
Yusuke 4 16 29 4 54
Makoto 9 5 29 7 50
The list is based on the number of points required for the respective party member, not the amount of visits required. It is recommended to keep track of how many points have been received at Jazz Jin.

The strategy has drawbacks: as every possible Friday needs to be used up to guarantee success, this will intervene with the schedule at hand. There aren't any unique activities available or affected on Fridays, and only Akechi, Sojiro, Kawakami and Ohya are available on Friday nights. Although Ohya's available every night while Sojiro and Akechi are available almost every night, Kawakami's availability is rare: she only appears on Friday and Saturday nights.

Cutting down opportunities to spend time with her is especially detrimental, since her Confidant puts a strong emphasis on giving the protagonist additional time. This will make it more difficult to conserve time for basic utilities, such as cooking SP recovery items, washing dirty armor and crafting infiltration tools. Visiting Palaces without having Kawakami's Confidant maximized will also pose a challenge, since visits will always cost 2 blocks of time. As such, it is recommended to pick Palace visits carefully until then.

As all 4 of these Confidants are available during rainy weather regardless of day or time of day, it is recommended to make use of these to hang out with Kawakami, and preferably have time for the other three divided somewhere else.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, their use is situational depending on the party member, but Chihaya and Yoshida appear during both of these nights, only being available on Saturdays and Sundays without rainy days. On Thursdays, the medicinal bath at the bathhouse boosts the social stat yield for Charm, but the activity is also available on Mondays.


The vocal version of "No More What Ifs" plays in the Jazz Jin.


  • Jazz Jin's ability to improve the stats and total HP/SP of the protagonist's allies is reminiscent of the classic iterations of incenses.
  • Catching the singer live is the only way to unlock the vocal version of "No More What Ifs" for the Thieves Den's music player.

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