Jashin Demon Face

Jashin's Face

Jashin (ジャシン) is the Final Boss of Devil Children: White Book.


Jashin translates to False God and like Hoshigami is not based on an actual mythical figure.



Devil Children: White BookEdit

In the backstory both Jashin and Hoshigami fought before creation began. Jashin to destroy everything and leave nothingness in its place and Hoshigami in order to create life. Just when Hoshigami was on the verge of losing the power of Angel, Human, and Demon awakened in her and gave her the power needed to defeat Jashin. She would seal away Jashin instead of killing her, placing her in Eden. The books of Raziel would foretell her eventual return.

Once his plans have been foiled and everything he worked for had been for nothing, Raguel decides to awaken Jashin by sacrificing himself and giving her the power she needed to be reborn. He arrives in Eden and awakens her before Masaki Kuzuha can stop him. She proclaims that all things should end and exist in nothingness and that the world created by Hoshigami serves no purpose. After the battle she can only repeat what she has said before dying.

After beating the game the fifth book of Raziel can be found in the Eternity Palace. Taking it to where Jashin was defeated will result in her joining the party.


Devil Children: White BookEdit

Jashin Demon Sprite
Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
King Dark Boss 1028 52 543 233
52 53 54 56 50 52
List of Skills


Jashins Field Sprite
Jashin on the Field
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