Jail of the Abyss, also known as Tokyo's Jail, or the Birdcage of Envy, is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the bottom area of the Jail in Tokyo Tower, ran by EMMA after Akira Konoe's defeat.



The Jail of the Abyss is an underground Jail tower resembling the Depths of Mementos, although it appears as the bottommost area of a tree instead of the massive organic bowel like the Mementos Depths.

Right before the party can return home from their long vacation from Yokohama, Sophia reports something is amiss, namely a massive Jail spanning all over Tokyo. This is followed by Zenkichi Hasegawa dialing the protagonist, stating that EMMA has mysteriously fired back up via unknown means despite service of it supposedly ended, and a strange crowd is surrounding Tokyo Tower, where EMMA's central servers are in. Ryuji attempts to consult EMMA, and true to Zenkichi's word, EMMA begins talking. Once the party rushes there, they encounter something is horribly amiss; hordes of people are asking EMMA for the one answer to humanity happiness, following by the EMMA navigation welcoming the party to "The Promised Land." It then transports them automatically the the Tokyo's Jail, which resembles the Mementos Depths, but with massive, entrenching roots surrounding the prison cells instead of skeletons of massive creatures. Upon reaching the center Jail tower, they encounter the physical manifestation of EMMA, now fashioning itself as a god known as the Holy Torah, which quickly vanishes, followed by Kuon Ichinose appearing to personally confront the Phantom Thieves in order to defend her creation, which she thinks will bring forth the ultimate happiness of humanity by removing the public's desires and leading them to a golden age.

However, she first explains how EMMA actually works; it is an A.I. that she created in order to determine the one answer to humanity's happiness, and is intended to evolve into a god that enforces this answer. The answer is the desire that is brought up by the most, and by selling the application to Akira Konoe, she is in fact using Konoe to help it determine the answer. After it has been fully developed past the source code stage in Okinawa with the King Shuzo Ubukata sacrificing himself due to his insanity, the collection of desires begin, starting with the application assessing the everyday needs of its users and giving it the most accurate answer. Despite Konoe invented the Jail function that many downtrodden people use to give themselves some sense of lost self-ego, this, in reality, has no relation to the application's evolution. In fact, daily counseling with the application engineers it a state where it would become an autonomous god. She then proceeds to claim that Sophia is a failure and proves this by commanding Sophia to attack the Phantom Thieves, which she does briefly before collapsing by fatigue and dropped off a cliff. Ichinose then claims that she is a "heartless doll" who shut off all her emotions and all of her friendly mannerisms are false, then follows up by blasting them off the same cliff as well by summoning a weapon taking the form of a diamond, forcing them to climb back up.

Once the party scales back up with one less member, they confront Ichinose again, who claims that humanity is better off without any empathy (or heart) and EMMA is the flawless AI assessor that can do nothing wrong. They deny her, angering her enough to summon a massive horde of Shadows to buy time for her to charge her weapon again. However, before she can do it, Sophia appears and blocks the raygun before slowly coming back to her senses and denying Ichinose. It was revealed that Ichinose's parents died when she was in a young age and shut off all her emotions as a result, and everyone in her university merely considers her as an outcast for her erratic behavior. At one point, she created Sophia, only to ditch her because she was too curious of the human heart, which she believes that she has none. She then proceeded to create EMMA, which lacks a heart or emotions. EMMA, as she believes it, is more considerate in her goal of assessing the one answer to humanity's happiness.

Sophia continues to persuade Ichinose, until she suddenly writhes in pain with "PANDORA" written on her helmet. She awakens Pithos into its true form, Pandora and Ichinose, now in denial and heavily delirious, summons a Hecatoncheir as a last ditch attempt to kill the Thieves, only for that to fail as well.

The realization makes Ichinose more open to emotions, and she tears for the first time, which she has not had before. Now with Ichinose reformed and fully on the Phantom Thieves' side of the deal, the party steps out of the area to confront her misguided creation, who proceeds to cause a massive blackout on Tokyo and overlays the Tokyo Tower with the Tree of Life and Wisdom.

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